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Vitrum memoria - Review

1 14.07.2012

"Vitrum memorial" - analogous to "Tanakan", a quality product half the price!

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Familiar advised a good analogue of the costly "Tanakanu." This is the "Vitrum memorial." Began to take immediately noticed that the therapeutic effect occurs earlier and lasts longer. The greatest advantage of this drug - its price. In reality, 60 tabs "Vitrum memorial" are the same as and 30 "Tanakan," according to the instructions of the same - gingko biloba. The manufacturer is trustworthy, often bought multivitamin preparations on the "Vitrum" never noticed any unpleasant moments. Why pay more if the effect is exactly the same? I recommend anyone who adopts a "Tanakan" look for a new drug, it is not BAD.

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