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Кофе EvaDia Бразилия Бурбон Альта Виста - Review

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Instant coffee "Nescafe Alta Rica" TM "Nescafe" (Nestle Ukraine Ltd) - not the most delicious

I tried recently, this coffee has remained quite impressed with either his taste or aroma. Expected from this

Drink "Limon Fresh" from GreenMe - natural only in words!

Tempted by a new drink on the shelves of the store. I read on the price list: "100% natural sparkling fruit juice

Soluble coffee beverage "Dnepr" CJSC "Dnepropetrovsk Plant Food Concentrate." Ward

Not able to think what could be a crap! To drink it is impossible! The taste nasty. In appearance, too disgusting! Even

Black tea bagging AZERCAY "SUN TEA CAY FABRIKI", Azerbaijan, tasteless

In the gift was a black baikhovi large-AZERCAY tea bagging "SUN TEA CAY FABRIKI", Azerbaijan. A beautiful

Tea Greenfield Flying Dragon (green tea) - not delicious

I bought specifically for the green tea bags Greenfield Flying Dragon. Terribly disappointed in this brand of tea was

Bonaqua still water tastes like a crane

Villages in the diet, which is based on mineral water without gas. And so, as I like Bonaqua srednegazirovannuyu, I

Energetic "Kyborg" - gadstvo!

These energy drinks should be prohibited for sale, because of which it contains may be a couple of months to kill even

Instant Coffee Jacobs - Monarch 100gr. - Coffee misunderstanding

The taste of something sour and overdone. It smells the same no matter. And take a charge, as if really gourmet coffee

Milk and juice drink "Magimel" pear-mango CFAA "Wimm Bill Dann" - an amateur

Recently met in a store that's a drink that was unexpected to see such a novelty. I decided to buy it. To be honest

Coffee Nescafe Classic - awful taste

Coffee drinking Nescafe Classic is simply not possible. It is completely missing the normal taste of the drink. This

Energetic "EnerGO" - poison!

How can I drink this crap? After all, it is enough to look at the composition of the energy drink and. You can see that

Tea Lipton "Mandarin Orange" Green poor taste and no odor.

Tea Lipton "Mandarin Orange" Green bought in the pyramids for the job. But when brewing it became clear that

Assorted Tea Basilur black flavored tea bags 20 * 2r - unnatural scents

To tell you the truth, and tea did not like at all, yet I had to try, so as to spoil the black tea flavors with the

Coffee TM "MKNP" Espresso Roast ground coffee 250g - poor taste

Ground coffee is usually much more tasty than instant, but it seemed to me not the best. Brewed strictly according to

Tea Princess Java Hibiscus leaf, perhaps, with the addition of the dye.

Buy Hibiscus tea regularly. At this time in the store bought tea leaf Hibiscus Princess of Java. After brewing

Black tea is Dilmah - a pleasant fragrance

Tea Dilmah started buying more because of good prices. The taste is quite rich, pleasant, unobtrusive. I can say

Coffee Jockey ground in the east - good morning, guaranteed.

I had a very meticulously picked coffee. Buy expensive brands, corn, roasted herself, she grind. Well, yes, coffee,

Birch sap Stelmas

Delicious natural juice drink with added rose hips and black currants. Very tasty and healthy.

Morshinskaya without gas Morshinsky mineral water plant, "Oscar" - drink to the health.

Given that the water - this is life, in choosing water should seriously. For daily use of table water needs. And in

Nesquick (Nestle)

I love the cocoa from childhood! But then he cooked us a father and now my father lives in another city, and I was too

Greenfield Spring melody invigorating tea

I very much like black tea Greenfield Spring melody. This invigorating tea with the aroma of thyme, which in any other

Tea "Krasnodar" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY" better import.

Recently rassprobovali tea bags "Krasnodar" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY." A good rich taste and

Tea Leaf Hibiscus Princess Java tasty and healthy.

Tea Leaf Hibiscus Princess Java liked me, and above all the fact that there were no additives. Sami leaves welded very

juices and nectars "Swell"

Juices, Nectars this brand in my opinion probably the best in the Russian market. The range is wide from all of your

Coffee 3in1 MacCoffee Strong - drink and think of my school years

When something 10 years ago, was very popular cappuccino, I just adored. Now it is hard to find, but its taste is very

Ceylon Tea Black baikhovi "Princess Kandy Medium" - flavored tea!

Black Tea Ceylon baikhovi "Princess Kandy Medium" - one of the finest black teas! When his brew, this Ceylon

Black tea with rosehip and carcade from TM Heylis - a pleasant and delicate flavor

Tea with rosehip and carcade I recently treated the employee. Unlike conventional carcade, he has a very mild taste,

Children's juice apple and pear "Clever" - the best juice for your baby!

Juice give us a baby 11 months from the kitchen. But my daughter has started to give him after a year. What I like is

Juice Gardens Pridonya of "NPG" gardens Pridonya "the most delicious juice!

Once tasted the juice, now only buy it. It seems to have never loved juices with pulp, and drink it with pleasure. Just

Tea TM "Greenfield" Green Green Melissa - very much

Incredible tea, a fragrant and tasty is not met, the quality of it at the highest level. I liked that each bag of this

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