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Pasta "Vermicelli" in the soft pack (450g) TM 'Chumak' (Chumak, Inc.) - the quality is not the best

I'm sorry, but the quality of the pasta does not match its price. Acquiring noodles TM "Chumak" hoping

Pasta "KMF" - poor quality

bought pasta "KMF" - the quality of disgusting. Tried to cook as it is written in the instructions, but they

Buckwheat - is almost like gold!

In Moldova, the price of buckwheat grown so that now buy it ever be the only ones who have great wealth. But this is a

Pasta Makfa "Fantasia," a beautiful, unusual, but tasty.

Pasta Makfa "Fantasy" is a culinary work of art in terms of beauty and safety. But now they taste to anyone

Buckwheat "Best Alternative" is not the best alternative buckwheat

I love to cook buckwheat. From this it can be cooked pudding and cereal (milk or meat sauce), and in the diet, it will

Pasta TM "Makfa" straw - too boiled soft

Once purchased this brand pasta with my husband when we were on vacation, so quick to cook for dinner, do not waste

Oatmeal by "Hercules" spoiled!

I do not like what has now become a firm porridge "Hercules." Whether it began to handle something, or what,

Krupa live admixtures

Bought the other semolina in bulk in a magnet and was very surprised by the bad quality! MOM was cooking porridge for

Wheat groats "Artek" TM "Sonyah - Factory of Taste" (Benkalyuk AE, FLP) - tasteless

Wheat porridge is very useful, because sometimes even tried to buy barley and cook, but once at the time never comes,

Pasta "coils" from TM "Makfa" - lousy!

These lousy pasta cooked badly and become sticky or hard, or that need to be a long grind. It is evident that they are

Pasta Pasta ZARA-I did not like this pasta.

I love pasta. So buy the pasta of different brands to find the best. Pasta Pasta ZARA I did not like. I cook pasta, but

The finished dish Maggi delux pasta in a creamy sauce just muck

For fun I decided to try this product. Brewed, waited for the right time. She began to try. First the pasta is not

Oatmeal Arіona low quality

Hastily bought at the store brand oatmeal Arіona and was somewhat disappointed with the quality. She is not fall apart

Rolled oats-have quality?

Buy children oatmeal and another in either a pack and have not come across a firm's good quality! Is it so hard for

Peas polished chipped "Aro" (AMC) has prepared a nasty surprise: mole

Peas inexpensive brand "Aro" (AMC) was an unpleasant surprise inside undamaged packaging: moth and its

vsyanye Flakes Super Hercules TM Dobrodіya - a quality product.

Among the quick-cooking oatmeal flakes opted Super Hercules TM Dobrodіya. The flakes are very well broken up, quickly

Noodles besbarmachnaya "Maxtor" good-noodle

noodles besbarmachnaya "Maxtor." I love home-made noodles, but almost always cook the noodles nekogda.Dannaya

Каша овсяная с земляникой "Увелка"

Постоянно покупаю сладкие кашки Увелка, большой ассортимент, а тут увидела не только с клубникой но уже и с земляникой

Noodles Makfa "Tagliatelle Nest"-excellent noodles

Noodle Makfa "Tagliatelle Nest." Noodle quality, do not fall apart, it is very tasty, but its unusual shape

Delicious pasta colored fantasy of Makfa

I love this color "spiral". Noodles are cooked quickly, made from durum wheat. And this is also helpful. No

makarony "Schebekinckie" very easy to prepare.

Very ponravilic makarony "Schebekinckie." In their line, and ect cpagetti and rozhki, ocobenno mnoyu

Pastificio Barbieri Spaghetti № 5 the most delicious spaghetti

For me the discovery of steel pasta from Pastificio Barbieri. Cooking should be a total of 8 minutes. What are they

Flax cereal from NPO "Siberian Oil Company" - the basis of many dishes

Flax cereal from NPO "Siberian Oil Company", which I bought at the pharmacy was not a fungible product.

Pasta "Ty" - a delicious pasta

Our family really loves pasta "Ty." We buy them for many years. Spaghetti "Ty" perfect for pasta

Corn groats Uvelka bags

Love porridge prepared from different cereals and feed my family in the morning trying to cook and feed everyone.

Cereals LLC "Trade House Fair" excellent quality.

Very buy only those cereals and all advise. Cereals are always clean when I cook, no foam appears. Never seen them all

Quick-cooking cereals rapidly from TM "Fast" quick and tasty.

I love this porridge! I eat for breakfast. Stand is not expensive, quick cooking, and in the morning so you do not want

Buckwheat "Altai tale" Company Mill Complex "Rosa" - Yummy!

Childhood love buckwheat, and since it is also very useful, I try to cook it often. I like Buckwheat "Altai

Porridge Bruggen. Oat flakes of solid zerna.Germaniya - well fed and healthy.

V oatmeal in the morning so many advantages. This speed of preparation and utility, and the ability to mix the cereal

Wheat flour producer KP "Belotserkovhleboprodukt" White Church, Ukraine - do not let you down.

When baking cakes or did not work, blame their own hands once I'm in a hurry, because I know - summed up the meal.

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