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Гречневые хлопья Мистраль - Review

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Quick-cooking porridge "Fast" from Nestle - better to spend an extra half hour to cook, and a normal cereal!

When there is not enough time in the morning to cook breakfast is normal, I bought a few bags of cereal,

Chicken noodle at home "Rollton" delicious, but with chemical additives.

Chicken noodle soup at home "Rollton" bought in the magnet. I take it often, a special benefit from its use

Buckwheat TM "Optimum" slipped 0.8 kg - bad fall apart

Buckwheat is one of my favorite, besides, this barley is very useful, I try to cook it more often. Taking one day at a

Popcorn Home cooking sweet and salty for cooking in the microwave oven did not like.

Popcorn "Home Cooking" sweet and salty for cooking in a microwave oven I did not like, because after blowing

Organic oatmeal flakes 4Life 4-Life - the product is questionable

Definitely I did not like this cereal. They are inedible! With milk, water, oil, even their best not to do. Although

Grains TM "Golden Harvest" Odessa - you will not find more

cereals packaged in packs of 700 g - 900g, and the value for a couple of cents per kilogram lower than the same cereal.

Krupa live admixtures

Bought the other semolina in bulk in a magnet and was very surprised by the bad quality! MOM was cooking porridge for

Peas are husked crushed by LLC "Terra" - hard and do not fall apart

How many peas and would take all the time come across a different, but the peas that I was unpleasantly surprised

Buckwheat "Wonderful Land" - terrible!

I bought this buckwheat in a shop magnet. By opening the package at home, I was just horrified - a breath of some oil

Clear Flakes Buckwheat Flakes sun is too expensive.

Flakes Buckwheat Flakes clear sun in the pack to me as it did not like. Price of cereal flakes obtained every 5 than

Buckwheat "The full smile»

buckwheat once bought "The full smile," the production of the Krasnodar Territory, the price is low. Croup

Vermicelli Makfa "Triolli" original 400g - tasteless

This pasta would take the entire time, but there is no more desire, it is insipid. Cooked noodles for a long time over

Pasta "coils" from TM "Makfa" - lousy!

These lousy pasta cooked badly and become sticky or hard, or that need to be a long grind. It is evident that they are

Pasta aleykii is not liked.

Pasta aleykii bought at the store, to cook them with pasta for dinner. Expect much more. While cooking the pasta

Peas of "passive" crushed peas was not crushed, but a mixture of crushed and whole.

I bought at the market pea of ​​"passive" crushed peas. Just do not pay attention to the fact that the pac

Cereal Plus Fibre Lift Uncle Tobys - excellent and useful

This cereal Plus Fibre Lift Uncle Tobys is one of the best ways to start the morning. In their high content of fiber,

Excellent croup, and how convenient to cook in bags.

Who invented the cooking bags that praise. In the past, the weight of rice cooked porridge misery, and now there is no

Kashi bag cooking "Uvelka" - simple and easy to cook a delicious breakfast!

Cooking meals in a bag is very convenient. Puts the bag of cereal (you can even a couple of different cereals) in

Spaghetti "Makfa" Cheese King Arthur

Great taste spaghetti with butter and cheese favorite cheer up!

Porridge Bruggen. Oat flakes of solid zerna.Germaniya - well fed and healthy.

V oatmeal in the morning so many advantages. This speed of preparation and utility, and the ability to mix the cereal

Cereal 4 grain fine

For many years I eat cereal 4 grain companies Uvelka. Excellent taste, high nutritional value, porridge made from

Pasta O-la-la, tasty and healthy.

Pasta from this manufacturer are made from durum wheat, a very useful and tasty. Especially we love in the form of

Carnaroli rice for risotto Fair 350g - swell and fall apart

About this rice has always dreamed of when he was preparing pilaf and I could not get. Now take for pilau rice for

Pasta "Ty" - a delicious pasta

Our family really loves pasta "Ty." We buy them for many years. Spaghetti "Ty" perfect for pasta

Oat Flakes Soyuzpischeprom

Great flakes produces Soyuzpischeprom. Porridge is welded for 15 minutes and get a very tasty. children eat with

Rice for sushi TM "Zhmenka" such as it should!

With this product, like rice for sushi TM "Zhmenka" I was able to make sushi at home no worse than the store!

Pasta Granmulino - do not boil soft, and do not stick together

Always buy pasta and spaghetti Granmulino - I really like the process of cooking and serving - they do not boil soft,

Pasta "Makfa" does not fall apart.

Tolley at the store, felts on the market, always trying to take the pasta "Makfa." This product is tested.

the most delicious pasta

Pasta Makfa to buy for a long time and my family was able to appreciate their merits. Pasta made of durum wheat, have a

Flour, "Emperor," I am very pleased!

Recently bought the flour. To be honest, I do not like to buy something new. I prefer to have proven brands. But here -

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