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Гречневые хлопья Мистраль - Review

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Shevchenko oatmeal products factory prod 'Poprubuy "were full of worms!

Always buy products of the plant, but the last pack I was simply shocked. When the flakes are poured into the pan then

Vermicelli "Mivina" bloom - unhealthy!

This pasta is terrible in its composition. After all, it's easy to swell from the boiling water and just as easily

Wheat groats "Artek" Arnautka by LLC "Agri Field" - much fall apart and stick together

Instead of the usual wheat cereals wheat cereal always take the high glassiness - arnautku, it has a more coarse, more

Oatmeal of "Vereshchagin CCP" oatmeal to taste your health does not like it.

Oatmeal OAO "CCP Vereshchagin" oatmeal "Your Health" purchased to make the children for breakfast

My stomach does not like pasta b / n "Rollton"

Always after use quick-cooking pasta "Rollton" I see at one and the same consequences: my stomach starts to

Wheat groats "Artek" TM "Sonyah - Factory of Taste" (Benkalyuk AE, FLP) - tasteless

Wheat porridge is very useful, because sometimes even tried to buy barley and cook, but once at the time never comes,

Rice groats "Source" company grains Kuban-product does not meet the standards.

Rice groats "Source" company grains Kuban-product does not meet the standards. Half of the grains seems to be

Buckwheat TM "Optimum" slipped 0.8 kg - bad fall apart

Buckwheat is one of my favorite, besides, this barley is very useful, I try to cook it more often. Taking one day at a

Figure Mistral Italico white medium grain 1kg - decays and stewed

fork out for a more expensive medium grain rice Mistral Italico, agreed with him to cook rice, but even sticking to the

Buckwheat "The farm" - did not like.

Buckwheat bought this manufacturer and were not thrilled. The first thing that struck me is the fact that barley is

Figure "Mistral Indica" Gold Parboiled Long Grain 1kg - has an unpleasant odor

First encounter such a figure, which has an odor, moreover, it does not smell of rice and some kind of weird and not

Buckwheat Maltagliati (maltagliati) - do not buy

used quite often buy pasta from this company and was very pleased with the result. It would be logical to assume that

Peas of "passive" crushed peas was not crushed, but a mixture of crushed and whole.

I bought at the market pea of ​​"passive" crushed peas. Just do not pay attention to the fact that the pac

Cereals Kseda Ust-Kamenogorsk

I do not buy cereal Kseda a long time, but judging by the fact that they are still present on the shelves of the store,

Pasta from TM "Makfa" - bad!

Pasta from "Makfa" is not distinguished by their quality, although there are decent for the price! This pasta

Wheat groats Aksai plant product conforms to all standards.

Wheat groats Aksai plant product conforms to all standards. Each element is a large, well fall apart. Can be used for

Pasta "Chumak" - delicious

I bought spaghetti. I really liked the color, golden, as it should be. Before cooking, checked the elasticity (in one

Buckwheat Flakes by LLC "Service Pack", the city of Minsk, the whole family loves.

I love to cook buckwheat flakes of LLC "Service Pack", the city of Minsk. Rapidly swell, do not stick

Pasta horns Gallina Blanca - good!

These noodles are delicious and nutritious, but they are made from a good meal, because it does not boil soft and does

Pasta "The farm"

In my opinion there are no people who do not like pasta, pasta and find good now is not that easy, though the choice is

Macaroni "Macaroni" from JSC "Simferopol Pasta Factory" - do not boil soft

Not a lot in our market such products as pasta "horns" from Simferopol factory. They are not expensive, but

"Clean grits" Steamed Rice - great for cooking pilaf

To tell the truth, not very fond of cooking rice, because before I ever fall apart in rice gruel, became sort of a

Buckwheat Bulgur Fair Platinum - I discovered a new cereal!

Recently discovered for themselves bulgur porridge, before I've never tried. And for good reason. Porridge is very

Pasta TM "3 Glocken" spiral 500g - very delicious

Pasta amazing quality, cook them simply do not even putting effort, they do not boil soft, made probably of different

Pasta "Pasta Zara" - very good quality

always buy this brand pasta. First, they are sold in many places, almost all supermarket chains. Second, there are many

Porridge Nordic oat flakes - the best oatmeal, breakfast in the pleasure!

Nordic Oatmeal - perhaps the most delicious of all. The flakes are small, they can simply be brewed with boiling water

Krupa TM "Skayfud" long grain rice 900g - for it is better not to find a pilaf

once tried to put in long grain pilaf that's such a figure, and I turned out fine for the first time, do not mess,

A mixture of "4 Rice" Fair Platinum - like

When buying this rice doubted whether all the four species he cooked at the same time. But my fears were unfounded,

Long-grain polished rice grits, Uvelka - quickly boiled

One pack 5 packs. Figure eat is not very often, so I have enough of one package a month or even longer. I made

Noodles Makfa "Tagliatelle Nest"-excellent noodles

Noodle Makfa "Tagliatelle Nest." Noodle quality, do not fall apart, it is very tasty, but its unusual shape

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