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The company Simer - Review

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Architecture LLC (Kaluga)

Ordered the project of the Foundation. May be due to the fact that the company deals with large orders and work with

JSC Kyivstar rolling to the bottom

The mobile operator is murderous policy towards its customers (fixed tariff increase), and in relation to the

Repair of roads in Tver

In Tver, there are very few roads, mostly in the pits, potholes and bumps. However, there is no markup. People break

Internet Service Provider "Total Telecom" (Rostov-on-Don) - a complete rudeness.

Recently conducted a web of "Total Telecom" (Rostov). When the router is set up, we had to go to tehsluzhbu

Illegal work organization Rosukrtrans.

Fifteen years after working at the plant, to treat metal scarfing manually, not when you do not think that will come a

Metropolis CC blames its customers.

I warn those who are going to work in any field of this company. Just want to talk, because the company is not reliable

The worst does not happen.Deception and waste of money.

All kind time of day!Clearly and concisely written.If you want to get a low-quality counters that fly in six

Withdraw Money from the Web but not through the company VolgaChange.

11/07/2012 I made a request to withdraw money through the company Web mani VolgaChange. As it is written on the website

The Ombudsman Babichev

Our power of their rat pups not adrift and finds them cushy jobs, example of this is the former mayor of Tver Babichev

Kashirskaya GRES

Constant power outages for no reason and uvedomleniya for replacement of power lines are slow and negligent.

Firm "Profkomplekt" - liar!

In Petrozavodsk is a construction company LLC "Profkomplekt." It is better not to park in her work. From day

The lack of vegetation.

After construction of the Porshe dealership in Odessa Street Klochkovskaya 95. Just outside the center organized an

Studio "Shar" Kharkov

We ordered the child at the first birthday of five balloons filled with helium. One of them is the most expensive, with

Kievoblenegro writes incorrect meter readings

For the fourth winter of watching the same picture! Unscrupulous employees Kievoblenergo, specifically Skvyrskogo RP

Information and computing center of the housing and utilities sector of Volgograd

That's utilities in my city. In addition to the lift which is presented on the picture, they are not cleaning the

Many customers need the brooms for a bath.

Thank you the store for baths and saunas. Many customers need the brooms for a bath. Contact the company

Хорошая компания!

У меня возникла проблема по взысканию задолженности с контрагента за оказанные услуги, почти 5 месяцев я слышал только о

Thanks to the staff of the Expert Assessment for their work

I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of the Expert Assessment for their work. The company in the month of may

Join the fans of this company

I had a fundamental desire to check real or not positive feedback, which is quite a lot about the firm's Net Terem met

Ремонт-квартир Ульяновск

Очень благодарна компании Капремонт73 !Особая благодарность Андрею руководителю и прорабу Сергею ! Отценка 5+ Очень хоро


This new year I was assigned to organize a corporate event for our company. Appealed for help to the festive Agency,



Хорошая фирма

Недавно решил все же написать отзыв о компании 1-я Транспортная. Воспользовался ее услугами во время переезда из Кемеров

Нет претензий

Мне нравится работать с компанией 1-я Транспортная. Во-первых, она располагается недалеко от моего офиса. Во-вторых, у н

Спасибо этой компании за ремонт!

Спасибо за евроремонт в ванной комнате! Очень рады, что обратились именно в Идеал Групп. Ремонт был завершен практически

Аренда дизельных электростанций

ООО «Союз-Энергия» предлагает в аренду надежные дизельные электростанции (ДЭС) ведущих мировых производителей от 50 кВт


Я занимаюсь предпринимательской деятельностью, и порой на моем пути встречаются недобросовестные, мягко говоря, люди. Ок

Good product

About six months ago ordered this for my shop. Loved the communication with qualified people. Without question

Thank you for your efficient work!

Last week I had an unpleasant situation. The apartment slammed the door when I just went to a neighbor. The husband was

Anthill Tver - delivery pizza and sushi

Pleasant enough office. Non-aggressive, but quite active behavior in the market I think attracts many customers. Not

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