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Фильм Матрица времени - Review

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The film "Vanilla sky"

Movie with too tricky scenario. The actors seemed to me to have to pull the tape at least a solid four, but no, meaning

The film "House on the edge"

Who wants to spend time in vain and to get some kind of strange and confused emotions, they can watch this film. and

The Film "Viy".

The film makes it clear that "we do not know how to take off"! The story unusual and incomprehensible, totally unlike

The film "The Omen", dir. John Moore, 2006 (The Omen)

Recently decided to look at. Honestly, a lot of disappointed .. Still a very long time read all parts of the cycle, it

the film "Killing Me Softly" / Killing Me Softly / 2002

Romance? Detective? - With elements of eroticism, I do not know. Oh, it's a thriller ... Well as I have not come

The film "The Phantom"

Looked filmets "Phantom, complete garbage. Theme alien interventions have often touched upon in the film, but

The film "The Wrath of the Titans"

I looked at the day the movie "Wrath of the Titans." It is very boring. Do not feel the action. As if

The new film "The heat of our bodies"

Hello. Not long ago went to the cinema with a girl in the new movie "The heat of our bodies," I can say that

It is not like the movie "Machete"

After reading the rave reviews and a rather relying on a high rating IMDB, decided to watch the movie

film "The Tempest" / Tempest /

That's should be quite a notorious fan of Shakespeare, to watch the movie till the end without rewinding! .. No, it

The film Robocop (new)

Going to the cinema and see a film Robocop, have experienced extreme razocharovaniya the fact that the Story is

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

disappointed if in the previous film was the continuation of the story, here you just put before the fact, sit down and

film "Fields of Darkness" with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

husband advertised the film, such as I saw the trailer and was delighted. When I learned that my favorite Actors,

Black Swan movie with Natalie Portman

This is an interesting and promising start of the movie, the theme of an interesting and deep, and so poorly disclosed


In the story, God has lost faith in humanity, and sent the angels of death, to destroy all life. However, to help

Веселый жизненный фильм

Прекрасный жизненный фильм, с печальными моментами, и веселыми ситуациями. Очень рекомендую его посмотреть всем, кто по

Eat, Pray, Love

bestseller screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, Pray, Love" is similar to all that the mountain of

"The Passion of Chapala" loved

Looked series "Passion Chapa" and did not regret! Really liked the acting, the plot is really exciting, every

Thin film Freaks

Yesterday looked thin film "Freaks" Thanks to the creators. Great movie. Good acting. Mila Yolovich well

The Three Musketeers 3D

Over the weekend, looked at another adaptation of the immortal works of Alexandre Dumas. From first-hand there are very

The feature film "Stone"

Certainly there is no equal to this feature film of this style, and even more so in Russia. One feels that their

Feature film "The Island» (The Island) with Yuenom McGregor and Scarlett Johansson

Not a bad action film. Of course a lot of blunders, the plot is trite ... but still interesting. I do not like all

movie "Skeleton Key" / Skeleton Key / 2005

Excellent movie for the hot weather! Chilling the skin creepy provided. The main heroine of the movie Caroline (Kate

film "The Reader" / Reader / 2008

I must confess that before the end of the film did not guess that this is Kate Winslet. But it was too unusual was its

A Walk to Remember Movie

Film was very emotional, beautiful, but at the same time, heavy, because each of us, seeing it, begins to realize that

film "Once in Ireland"

Interesting film with a special Irish humor. The main character in the first few minutes does not cause positive

"Buried" - crediting the film!

"Buried" this is a movie. There's a tipok buried alive, and the most interesting thing is that the film

Отличный семейный фильм

В очередной раз пересмотрела фильм "Завтрак на траве". Ну нравится он мне. Легкий и приятный фильм про деток в пионер-ла

Прекрасный фильм

Это фильм из разряда, который хочется смотреть еще и еще. Никогда не переключаю канал, если показывают Москва слезам не

the film "Master and Commander" (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany

great film on a naval theme! looked for a second time - again received great pleasure! the acting - impeccable!

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