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This website is unique

BADGOOD.INFO – is a website with unique interface, which does not have analogy in the Internet. It gives you an opportunity to read and share your reviews and comments of all almost all things such as events, goods, services, agencies, etc. in 50 world’s languages.

How it works

To find reviews: you can easily find reviews you are interested in using a search bar and advanced search options, also in categories and on map.

To write a review: you need to sign up before posting your review.


Site Administrators did their best to make BADGOOD.INFO informative and easy to use.

We saw fit and objective to provide you both positive and negative reviews together on any search query.

You can search reviews using directory, map or search query in a search bar. We find the last way the most informative.

We limited on-site search using only a header. It will help to find the information you need more exactly. For your convenience we show you the quantity of positive and negative reviews in any search option.

Advanced search options will help you to study database in detail.

If you speak a number of languages, you can search reviews, for instance of some vehicle, in different language base. They are not connected between each other, so you can take different opinions on this vehicle from the people who speak different languages.

Photographic and video materials are also can be useful for you.

We give you an opportunity to share your reviews using 2 different user names if you cannot use one for some reason. We do not want you create several accounts.

Your informative and content-rich reviews and comments should become the main feature of this website! We suppose every your review should contain any information, that can be useful for other people.

Please, be polite while writing your reviews. This site is not a place for expression of feelings. This site is for useful reviews, comments and opinions.

Please, be serious while writing your reviews on BADGOOD.INFO. Thank you in advance for your patience while filling in a bit difficult review form.

Origin of

One fine autumn evening after work we discussed cars and computers in the office.

We tried to find information in the Internet. But it turned out to be not easy.

And we decided to create a website with reviews and comments BADGOOD.INFO.

We say thank to web developers from Tver for time they devoted to creating BADGOOD.INFO

  • Web designer Kirill
  • Programmer Gleb

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