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Go to this garden for four years. I must say a big thank you pedadogam and kindergarten staff for their work. Raznostorenne children develop and sometimes demands great teachers, but understanding that it is good for your child makes them agree. The child is looking forward to returning to his beloved garden. Special thanks to Natalia!

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Reviews: Motors / Autoservices

Liked warranty service salon Biggie car, creaking door, the machine warranty, the truth had to come three times to solve this problem, thanks to the staff - problem solved. Done!

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for body

After trying the Thai cosmetics olnazhdy immediately become a fan of it. Especially strike one produced oil for massages and relaxing baths. Priya is that the oil itself to tekstutre very light, very well absorbed and by absolutely natural composition still has natural scents and body care process combines aromatherapy and more. The smell itself is amazing, the skin after a massage as a baby)) Ingredients: rice germ oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils of lavender, sweet basil, ylang-ylang, peppermint and vitamin E. I would like to pay special attention to the presence ylang-ylang oil - that thanks to him, smell of your skin is particularly pleasing to your second half. I recommend in particular!

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for body

Natural moisturizing spray, made from a special blend of three oils, which is rapidly absorbed through the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Makes the skin silky and delicious flavor. The best way to apply for the well-being: spray this hydrating spray all over his body, and then rub into the skin. An unforgettable scent is guaranteed, the skin just after a fantastic, especially if the day held in the sun. The miracle tool, just fantastic, one drawback - the production of Thailand and Russia will not buy it ... Natural ingredients in the product of approximately 98.5%, which makes it even more appealing, besides the price is still way more affordable than the counterparts of the L'Occitane recommend to everyone, especially who is in Thailand))))

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5 01.08.2012 | 01 August 2012 at 15:39

Reviews: Pets / Animals

Pick up your own horse in the face of the boy, Jean Orlov - Fields, was the question of horses for his son since he was only 6 years old an option for a pony. After living several years in England and talked there with uelskimi ponyami, other ponies were not considered. Ueltsy differ remarkably dobronravnym character and excellent vynoslivastyu. They can clearly see an example of a long breeding and evaluate rezultat labor of man and nature. They are very kind and affectionate to people and especially children, so the world is considered the most "baby" horse, showing excellent results in the children's show jumping and dressage. One less bad ueltsev - their relative high cost in Russia - I think it would be difficult to find an adult less 150 000 rubles. However, the question of child safety, I think still more important. Shoveled a bunch of ads for the sale of horses finally chose a girl and she uelechku came to us. Yaguina (this is her English name) we call it just a Yaqui, became a general favorite with children, she lizuche-laskuchaya favorite of children - you can ride without a bridle and squeeze it nonstop. Next, you can leave a child of any age, it is to his possession glad to communicate with everyone. Well behaved under saddle at the Zanathy with the children, and my son is at all times complete without a saddle when riding over the fields. And when he wants something then that he had not, and have another child, he himself says, "But I have a Yaqui on this one." The relationship of the child and the horses sometimes so awing and tender that this will be forever nalyudat and rejoice that they have such an opportunity. Even my girlfriend has pleased us so that we gave birth June 24 wonderful kid Wales Eugene, who is also a mother and became a favorite of kids and adults who come to our stable. The kid has a terribly tough character, zastalyaet mom is worried and all smysha svomi amusing antics.

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