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Reviews: Children / Baby care

Заменила наши прежние, сильно подорожавшие подгузники, на трусики фирмы Predo. Ни разу не пожалела, хороший вариант трусиков. Несмотря на то, что цена бюджетная, качество меня не разочаровало. Во-первых, ткань приятная, не грубая, потертостей на теле малышки нет. Не бывает и опрелостей, материал пропускает воздух, дышащий. Во-вторых, Предо хорошо впитывают пописы и довольно быстро. Поверхность остается сухой даже при наполненных подгузах. Вся влага надежно удерживается абсорбентом внутри. В-третьих, трусики не протекают. Возле бедер резиночка дополнена манжетами, которые защищают от протечек.
Рекомендую трусики, недорогие и хорошего качества

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Reviews: Home and garden / Other

Отличный жироудалитель для чистки плиты, духовки, микроволновой печи и других приборов. Растворяет жир быстро. Достаточно подождать 30 секунд, чтобы нагар, жировые следы и т.п. пришли в то состояние, когда их можно спокойно убрать салфеткой. Бывает, что нужно увеличить время обработки. Это в тех случаях, когда жирные пятна наслаиваются друг на друга. В духовке, например. Лондикс и в данной ситуации справляется, просто нужно чуть дольше подождать.
Продается антижир в пластиковом флаконе с дозатором. Наносить средство удобно как на вертикальную поверхность, так и на горизонтальную. Смывается легко, разводов после себя не оставляет. Жироудалитель советую, надежный помощник на кухне

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

When buying everything needed for the birth of his daughter, we liked and such a wonderful cocoon mattress for babies Dolce cocon. I liked that this model was a function of vibratory. Other brands cocoon, this function was not. And it was worth the cocoon Dolce cheap, only 7 thousand rubles. And reviews of cocoon was good. We decided with her husband that cocoon need to buy for my daughter and bought.
Began to use the cocoon from the earliest days. Daughter immediately fell to sleep. Sleep comfortable, long lasting. Well to feed my daughter when she is in the cocoon. When feeding she falls asleep and I carry her in her crib where she sleeps for 2-3 hours.

The cocoon Dolce is a mattress, moderately hard with a recess. The baby cocoon is a very convenient and comfortable.
On top of the cocoon is covered with a special soft pouch, made from 100% cotton. Under the cover there is another layer of fabric is waterproof mahr.

Over the mahr is attached to a soft cushion under the legs Babes, it is governed by the growth of the child.
The cushion can be easily removed for washing.
To cocoon our daughter fastened the belt. He rubs and locks perfectly.

The photo shows that the legs slightly raised, so as beneath the roller. This is good, as is massage of the tummy jeep, we do not bother much.

I also want to note that the cocoon can take with you wherever you go, it's a very easy life. You can wrap the cocoon in the apartment, and you can take on trips. The child is lying in their nest, under supervision. Recommend cocoon Dolce!

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

When a child is unwell or hurt, any mother willing to do anything to help his son. When my daughter started cramping, I was crying along with her, trying to warm the tummy diapers, give dill water, but it is not particularly helped. All I was told "suffer, it will be over soon, the intestine is populated with beneficial bacteria, to 3 months all will be good".

But here she was 3 months old and the colic as he was, and remained. I have a daughter mixed feeding, I even changed the mixture (because I already except buckwheat did not eat). But I finally got lucky and got a good doctor who was able to help us.

On her advice I bought this bottle of Dr. brown. As I explained to the doctor, the cause of the colic may be a wrong grip of the bottle and the breast that my daughter gets a lot of air during feeding, so her tummy hurts. I have already breast-fed only at night as milk was quite enough. And the bottle I bought a special that was supposed to prevent the swallowing of air.

Just after first feeding from this bottle, I saw the result. In the mixture in the bottle was not air bubbles, I didn't need to constantly correct sticky nipple. After the daughter ate, she never even spit up as this constantly happened before. That is, the effect of this antialkogol bottles visible even to the naked eye. Very soon about what is colic we had forgotten.

Girls, Dr brown bottles are really cool! I nursed out of the ordinary, not controlled dummy purchased at a pharmacy bottle. Probably, it is possible to feed so no air gets in.. I know that there are special feeding techniques for this, I even watched a video how to do it, but I still failed. So much simpler and easier just to use a special controlled dummy bottle Dr brown's, where everything has been thought through to make life easier and save my mother's nerves..

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Reviews: Children / Other

Send a child to camp for the first time. After reading many positive reviews, we stopped at the Constellations.
At first I was very worried as probably many parents. But as it turned out nothing. Ringing on the phone with him, he was funny, at home I didn't even miss.
The camp conditions are very good, for children there is everything: lots of playgrounds, soccer field, pool, etc. the Grounds are large and well appointed.
In the first day the children were treated to a rich creative program. First was getting acquainted with the camp and its attractions. And in the evening the counselors with the children, had a contest in acting. Where the kids finally met and became friends.
The next days were also very diverse.
The kids visited various academies. The son gladly went to the sports: football, basketball, volleyball. As well as classes devoted to business.
The culmination of the end of the shift was the final gala concert. The children were preparing for it throughout the shift. They set scenes, filming videos and making costumes.
Everything happening in the camp, I was watching the VC group, the counselors every day, upload photos and detail painted, how was their day.
In General, the son was very pleased with the trip to camp. Asked to stay another shift)) Promised him a trip over winter break))

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