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5 14.05.2019

Reviews: Medicine / Vitamins

Часто в командировки летаю и не могу уснуть в чужой стране в первые пару суток - это прям испытание для меня, были мысли даже из-за этого поменять работу, но благо вовремя открыла для себя найтвелл. Это чудо-средство для полноценного сна и без вреда для здоровья. В составе никакой химии, только экстракты растений и витамины.

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Reviews: Medicine / Hospitals

Destiny brought us back to Korea in despair with cancer dad. Treated-treated us,and then completely refused.Give up is not used, and therefore was the conclusion of doctors around the world to send.Liked the response from the hospital Bundang Casing. Surgery offered at once, all the waste of our painted. I must say that the amount of "acceptable" was specified. Here we are to him and asked.We met, lived,and the translator is given all for free.The service,of course,far from our own.But it is not important. Dad was operated on,the tumor was completely removed. That was almost a year dad recovered, feels fine, living very ordinary lives, hope is still very long to live.

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1 01.09.2016

Reviews: Cosmetics / for face

New Avon happy. Cream perfektor "energy. Perfection. Instant alignment" came my skin. It's perfect for an easy and natural correction of the face, blends into the skin quickly and evenly applied, without much effort. Natural and natural look and hides imperfections. By far, this is my thanks))))

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for face

As soon as the new series Anew, and immediately bought it. I love the cosmetics of this series over its working anti-aging effect. Bought and day cream, and night. As the thought came to me and he and the other perfect. Night creams I do not use often, but the cream "energy. Perfection" like and want to apply to the skin.
He has a very pleasant smell and soft texture. The skin it does not burden and very well-nourished. By morning, she looks rested, even if you don't sleep enough, and that I have often.

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5 29.07.2016

Reviews: Medicine / Hospitals

I want to leave a review - thank you to the clinic Euromed Invitro. Without exaggerating I can say that in this clinic can work wonders. One of the wonders is my LocoRoco. 10 years I waited for it, and only in this clinic helped us to realize a dream. Came to him after the three spans completely without hope. Olga V. - my doctor promised nothing initially, because we were heavy, but promised it would make every effort. And the first Protocol in the clinic, but in General this is the fourth in our life and it has ended again with anything, however, this time the implantation was. But following cryo and gave us the long-awaited pregnancy. At the prices they have, incidentally, is also quite acceptable when compared with other clinics. And nonresident help with housing))))

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