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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Probably every woman faced with such problem as thrush. And all treated her differently. Thrush is known to me of 19 years, when one day with good company went to the pool. Of course I was treated as recommended by my doctor, the only effect was transient and the yeast infection was back again. To get rid of it completely I could not. Once again, when I noticed a cheesy discharge and itching, I took a friend to a private clinic to her gynecologist and said that the doctor is qualified and will be able to help me. After all the tests the doctor ordered for me kindinorm of the gel. Used this gel only three days, and the thrush has receded, and the gel is easy to use and I liked that it was not necessary in the treatment process to drink any pills. Usually after treatment of yeast infection a doctor prescribes drugs to restore the vaginal flora. In my case cardinorm and thrush ran and flora restored! Great, because by the time it turns out economically, the treatment for three days. And at a price that is affordable. No adverse reactions during treatment I felt, and the effect is felt already after the first application.

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Reviews: Children / Baby care

Decided to write a review about a children's soap powder that I use for washing clothes since the birth of their baby. It is made on the basis of palm, coconut oils, powder does not contain harmful colors and flavors, and it's hypoallergenic. To please parents and kids, the manufacturer has thought of everything. The remedy is dissolved in hot water and pour it into the washing machine drum. Powder rinses out well and does not remain on baby clothes. Children's skin is very sensitive to chemical compounds that are found in conventional washing powders. Therefore, for the washing of children's linen and clothes, I try to choose and use only the special baby powder. Composition of baby powders is adapted to delicate baby skin. Children's soap washing powder Our mom is special because they are made from soap shavings group "Extra". Well removes stains. Suitable for hand and machine washing. Wash children's things on the programme delicate wash 40 gr. The powder does not dry and does not irritate the skin and I really like it. I advise all caring mums who have young babies. Linen and clothes after washing is become so gentle and soft, pleasant to the touch.

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Reviews: Cosmetics / Other

Purchased this tool to wash children's dishes. A choice made in favor of "Our mother", since we have baby care all this line and we are happy with all products. The dishes now my I this versatile tool, which has biologically active natural ingredients and guarantee maximum safety when using baby utensils after washing. I like that the tool is effectively removes any dirt even in cold water. It has a light scent and when used correctly is absolutely safe for the baby. A few drops of paint on the sponge and effortlessly begin the cleaning process. Next thoroughly rinsed under running water and all utensils are clean and ready to use. As well I use it not only for washing children's dishes, but for washing of accessories for feeding of newborns. Washes out completely and does not remain on the surface. Contains a plant extract that softens the skin. Here is a good tool we use from the first days, how did we have a baby in the family.

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5 13.04.2016

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

When I had symptoms such as burning, itching, discharge and unpleasant smell in the intimate area, I thought I had a yeast infection. Was self-medicating, but all attempts to cure himself were in vain. Nothing I did not help and do not for a moment eased my condition. Then I went to a specialist, then surely I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, a gynecologist prescribe treatment. The treatment consisted of only one tool. This wonder tool is called salvaging gel. I was treated this gel only 5 days, but the result shocked me on the first day of use. Went through all the symptoms and even this horrible smell of rotten fish!!! I was pleased with the result and spared only one that is not addressed to the doctor immediately when the first symptoms vaginosis. However, the treatment is benefited and I soon got rid of the disease. Gel restores microflora of the vagina and kills bad bacteria. Part Salvagin contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic substance of vegetable origin. If you are using is not addictive and easily tolerated.

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5 04.07.2015

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

When there were problems with constipation, bought the drug pactum. Took a few days and felt relieved. A good product, I like that not only helps with constipation, but also helps heal anal fissures, which is important during pregnancy, when there is an exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

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