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Reviews: Medicine / Vitamins

На сегодняшний день, отличная замена дорогим косметическим процедурам. Да и не всем можно делать эти процедуры, а Biosil можно принимать всем. Бельгийский комплекс, полностью веганский, с доказанной клинической эффективностью, и прекрасной возможностью, теперь купить у нас. Результат просто потрясающий. Единственный недостаток, это вкус. Но и это сущая мелочь в сравнении с тем результатом, который я вижу после приема. Мне все говорят, что я помолодела и хорошо выгляжу)) Интересуются даже - какие я делала косметические процедуры)) А всего лишь прошла курс приема Biosil.

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Reviews: Food / Other

Вообще-то слайсы мне понравились, все вкусы интересные и своеобразные, но больше всего понравился манго. Когда покупала впервые, привлек состав продукта, без сахара и консервантов. Взяла на пробу. Слайсы оказались вкусными, не жесткими, и отлично подходят для перекуса, поэтому покупаю их часто. Пока еще не приелись. Цена не дешевая, но натуральный состав того стоит.

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for hair

Today I want to write a small review on the dandruff shampoo Zinc 911, from the company tvins Tek. Shampoos for dandruff are many, but the problem is that not all help, even the GE though, that are quite expensive options. Zinc shampoo applies shampoo to the budget class. Me it cost 160 Euro a Bottle small 150 ml, but for short hair, lasts a long time. I had enough for the entire duration of use is 1 month. This time was enough to completely remove dandruff.

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5 20.09.2016

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Today I want to share my experience with the drug Venerus. Prescribed me his doctor as venotonic to maintain the veins with varicose veins. I took two tablets a day for two months with a six-month break. The tablets are quite large, although to drink without any problems. Propyl two courses Vinaros I can say that the drug is effective. Cutting the course in two months, it took me nagging pains in the legs, convulsions, and Vienna ceased to grow, it is very important to me. Generally feel better if I look at the veins, sometimes even forget that I have varicose veins, of course I'm past the pill used ointment, go to swimming, wear a stocking, but the improvement is felt, no doubt. The drug I liked, hits the pocket and really helps.

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With the extra weight, I am fighting for a long time. The first thing I decided to start this sport, the first time weight went quickly, and then just stopped at one place and never were dumped, this fact I was very disappointed, after two months, I was upset and he threw it all. After that, the weight quickly began to come back, and I'm not that ate all that she lost, but gained 5kg. When I first found out about the capsules Parziale, immediately decided to try them out. Way simple, just two capsules a day before any meal. I figured dinner, usually my appetite wakes up in the late afternoon, because the morning to eat once. Parziale does not allow me to eat to satiety, to eat a lot is not obtained, but the sense of fullness is. Now after supper at seven o'clock, I was not drawn again into the kitchen, I quietly kept until the morning. Noticed that how to take portiolo and do not overeat before going to sleep, was feeling better. I find it easier to Wake up in the morning. And you will lose weight constantly, not a lot, 100 grams a day, but regularly. For the month I lost 2.8 kg, completely painless, and I even said it quietly. No side effects I have not manifested. The only but is the price it would be a little cheaper, but I hope that my costs will be justified , and by using portioli will be able to go back to my weight that I had before birth, while all goes to that.

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