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Reviews: Medicine / Other

Я практически весь день на работе провожу. Если выдается трудный день, то могу и в десять часов вечера домой прийти. Отзыв хочу написать про гель -ополаскиватель для рта Дента Баланс с пребиотиком, который меня очень выручает на работе. Стоит им прополоскать рот, как создается ощущение чистоты и свежести, будто зубы только почистила. Про этот гель узнала от своей подруги. Она первая стала его использовать в путешествиях и на работе. Я гель купила две недели назад, но уже заценила его по достоинству. Гель-ополаскиватель удобен тем, что находится в маленьких индивидуальных пакетиках. Эти пакетики очень удобно брать с собой в сумочке куда угодно. На работе я просто захожу в туалетную комнату, отрываю уголок пакетика и выдавливаю гель себе в рот. После полоскания во рту чувствуется приятный мятный вкус и свежеть. Гель убирает зубной налет. Зубы после него становятся гладкими, блестящими и красивыми, словно после чистки зубов.
Использую гель два раза в день после еды.
Гель-ополаскиватель ДентаБаланс помогает мне освежить дыхание, даже будучи на работе.
Всем спасибо за внимание и до новых встреч!

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for body

Hello everybody!) Today I will tell about the product, which the last time I use quite often is an intimate gel lubricant Durex Naturals. And the thing is that during intimacy I sometimes experienced discomfort. The feeling that the whole process was "dry". I think it was, I understand.With my lubrication, in General, was no special problems, but sometimes, for some reason I felt like its not enough, and there was some discomfort.My favorite was doing everything I could, but it didn't help...

Some time later, on the advice of a doctor, I found out the reason -(I have to say, I don't think) overall, I have all OK, but as it turned out, during the cycle each month there are periods of "dryness", when the natural lubrication is less than at any other time... We decided to try lube, which advised me to use my doctor.

Opted for Durex Naturals is a lubricant with natural composition. Also, we liked that it has no smell. We wanted to have everything on max of course....The use of this lubricant helped me a lot. I forgot about the discomfort or even some pain during sexual intercourse, I stopped cause irritation and micro cracks in the vagina. And actually, I realized that "process" can deliver much more pleasure than I was getting before.We now always use! Is a completely different experience, much more pleasant!

Durex can be applied to the whole body. The taste is imperceptible, something like tasteless jelly. The skin is not dry, not sticky. One tube is enough for about a month. Not very convenient that there is no dispenser, but we like this lubricant, so its absence is not a hindrance.

Husband decided to experiment and bought another gel. It was too runny, even with a very sharp flavor. We quickly got rid of it and returned our Naturals:) But of course , the guys, the taste and color of comrades there. Maybe someone like a flavored lubricant with a different composition, for example with oil. But we prefer our water based and odorless.Thank you for reading. All love;).

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1 28.02.2017

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Hello everybody! I will begin immediately with home. He became very tired at work. It's never happened before, a few months ago to come and fall. Maybe it's after suffering bronchitis - he knocked down my health, plus a winter avitaminosis played the trick. To do this, after work could easily prepare, to eat, to clean up, but still managed with my husband to walk in the evening. And right here a breakdown of some kind has begun. Called a good friend, she works as a therapist in the clinic, and she began to complain of their weakness. It's about Elkar began to tell me, said try propyl, worse from it will not.

I listened and bought in the pharmacy the bottle of 100 ml. Bottle of dark glass with spun cover. Included is a measuring Cup. Solution Alcara transparent, easy enough to drink, no not distasteful - it tastes slightly sour. The solution has a slight odor.When I started to read the manual learned that testimony from Alcara abound. It can take athletes during exercise, as well can be given to children when shortage of weight and increase appetite, yet Elkar increases efficiency and helps to control weight. Overall, the drug improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues. Elkar can be given to children from birth.

I started to drink it as directed 30 minutes before meals three times a day 2.5 ml. Washed down with plain water. First improve their state of health, I saw somewhere in a week. I noticed improvement in appetite. Also felt a small surge of strength, in the morning was to get up easier, have energy. After work was not so tired as before, I could do my chores and I didn't even care. Weeks three - four, I felt even better. Increased my performance, even at work noticed that I became more energetic and "lively", it became time to think faster. Could make several reports a week. And still notice that my mood stopped jumping, I began to smile more often and less sad ))).

Cutting the full course in one month and went back to my old life full of energy, as it was before. Any side effects while taking Alcara I didn't notice. In General, I was satisfied, the drug really works and is not a dummy of some kind and therefore dare to recommend to their readers. With regards to children, I would be given only after consultation with the pediatrician, she would in this case, the experiment did not, because only a doctor can determine correct dose for the baby. I wish everyone good health :)..

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Tried Retrolux during SARS. The pharmacy was advised, I bought it. Bought and was not disappointed. The effect of them really is. With these drops I could even go for an interview. Feel fine and cheerful. Dripped nose, drank retrolux and go!:). And no one even noticed that I'm sick. But to drink it along with main treatment. This "mix" will quickly get well and be in good shape during his illness. Part of it is natural - Naringin (extract from the seed and pulp of grapefruit) and vitamin C. These two components complement each other and provide the body a great help in fighting infection.

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5 28.10.2016

Traditional menu with meat from Leovit, it is a good balanced diet, from which you can really lose weight people suffering from obesity. Myself I have lost three kilos in just a week. Think this is a good result. Many write in such diets, they do not like the taste of food. But listen, this is diet food! What kind of flavors can there be? I for example do nothing sophisticated was not expecting from this set and were ready to eat presentatino lizhby was at least some result. And by the way, the dishes are not that tasteless. There is quite possible. Now plan other diets to try from this manufacturer. Saw they have a large variety of chests.

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