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Здравствуйте. В интернете нашёл новый метод строительства домов из конопли, а конкретно строительную компанию HempDom ( строят конопляные дома) вот интересно на сколько дом из конопли теплый. Может кто то строил дома из конопли или же использовал конопляные утеплители. Конопля же все таки природный материал, а значит экологичный.

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С семьёй решили посетить Краснодар посмотреть его достопримечательности, а от туда уже на Азовское море. Поэтому хотели заранее забронировать сначала гостиницу в Краснодаре, а затем гостиницу в Темрюке. Бронировали через интернет - и нисколько не пожалели. Меня пугали, что по приезду могут сказать совсем другую цену и гостиницы могут выглядеть мягко говоря не так как на фото. Но нет, все было просто супер, цена такая же как и договаривалась изначально, фото, описание были достоверными. В номере: холодильник, кондиционер, телевизор. Нам все очень понравилось, питание, комфорт и чистота в номерах. Отдохнули хорошо! Для семейного отдыха - самое то.

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Purchased a couple years ago on my boat two-stroke outboard motor Hidea 9.8. Heidi was very comfortable and unpretentious engine with a comfortable suspension, which cambiocorsa when reversing, preventing it from lifting. Gaining momentum quickly. Weighs only 26 kgs. The kit includes all the necessary bells and whistles - tank, a blower, spare impellers, seals and even a spare starter cord. Motor quietly takes a pounding on the drift wood and river thickets prociscavanje through which the screw is almost not wound. Very noisy engine, which at idle is almost inaudible.

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5 03.08.2018 | 03 August 2018 at 22:37

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Septic Alta Bio 7 exploit 6 years. Pros: a) septic tank to work you need only electricity (but, in principle, plow and without it, in case resolved with release of water), b) equipment needs regular drain pump (no compressor, etc. "of noucentista"), C) the use of coagulant, better, but in principle, the system without problems worked for more than a year without coagulant. From practice: standard pump Karcher – worked for 5 years. The bioblocks "Tree" - plowing season 3, but после2 seasons Christmas tree garland is falling apart into individual components, after season 3 is just a mess of fragments of "Christmas trees". Including and subsequently evacuate the contents of the septic tank, replacement of bioblocks for fresh, individual fibers for a long time circulate in the septic tank clogging the holes in the turntable. These fiber – problem for turntables - they are across the holes, they stick small pieces, and the turntable stops working. Now we have a bathroom in Moscow. Convenient, comfortable, have installed sewer pipe. We are very happy. All villagers recommend this firm because it is the best choice for price and quality. By the way, gave a decent discount, and support always works!

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5 22.02.2018 | 23 February 2018 at 18:10

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Team of ANALYST PLUS has provided our company with consulting services on BI! Like various schemes for solutions of problems in the analysis of data! The material is immediately assimilated and remembered. The company also helped to implement the software Tableau. THANK YOU!

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