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Reviews: Medicine / Vitamins

Стала принимать Стрессовит по совету подруги, очень мне нравится его действие. Чувствую, что стала спокойнее все воспринимать, ровнее реагировать на раздражители, бонусом стала спать крепче. Отличное средство, и состав натуральный, безопасный. Побочных эффектов у меня никаких нет.

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1 26.06.2016

Reviews: Medicine / Hospitals

Good afternoon. Want to leave feedback about the clinic Euromed Invitro. I came here on the recommendation of her gynecologist, she gave me contacts O. A. Vidiney, advised her as a very good professional. This is my second IVF attempt at another clinic a few years ago and now my husband and I decided to try again. Do charge, POS system, All included. Everything went fine, now I'm in position. We are looking forward to our baby, and I am happy that fate gave us such joy!

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Reviews: Cosmetics / for body

I want to leave feedback about your recent discovery - EN Ultra DRY antiperspirant. Advised me his colleague, when I complained about that to wash I now have a couple of times a day, since my husband and I in the summer very sweat. While we both often bathe in the summer two or three times a day, using desikama, but they are unfortunately not particularly effective. A colleague told me about DRY EN Ultra and shared the link to their website. I bought one bottle, it says that he and men and women fits, so I use two. Do everything strictly according to instructions and sweat really stopped! Now rarely use the tool. The manual says that it is subsequently possible even every 4-5 days to apply it and sweat will not. From us the best recommendations, it's currently the best means of sweat that we had.

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From me the best recommendation to the company Sowana. They helped me and my husband to obtain Romanian citizenship. Of course, Romania have little interest, but it's easier just to get the citizenship of any EU countries. Work professionally, and it is clear they have a lot of experience in this field, all the nuances and the undercurrents they know. And what's even bribed us - we work without intermediaries and, more importantly, without payment, i.e. money is not risked at all. By the way, they gave us to review our documents prior to submission to the Romanian Ministry of justice, so we have verified the correctness of the design. In General, they know what they are doing, and they do not need to hide anything. Respect them and gratitude from the newly made citizens of Romania

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Reviews: Medicine / Other

This year I decided that the beach would be beautiful. Stop hiding under shawls and cotton swimwear, I want to finally stop being shy and start being proud of themselves. I know that if I want to lose weight without harm to health, need to start in advance. I went to BB Klinik, because my previous attempts to lose weight were in vain. And I do not regret a single drop, though not cheap, this course is worth, but it is sooo effective. 4 months went 18 pounds and I keep getting skinnier and prettier. I eat developed diet, went for beauty treatments, became involved in the hall. I am very glad that so changed their way of life.

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