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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

У меня был долго непроходящий насморк, больше месяца меня мурыжил, то вроде бы отпускал, то еще хуже становился. Перепробовав, казалось бы, все, решила купить еще таблетки Синупрет. Понравился состав, активные компоненты - травы, причем набор хороший, для разного действия, одни воспаление снимают, другие слизь разжижают, выводят, третьи против вирусов борятся. Всего в составе 5 лекарственных трав и сам по себе Синупрет лекарство с клинически доказанной эффективностью. В общем в одной таблетке сразу полный набор действия, комплексный.

Форма выпуска хорошая, после того, как я в свой нос лила все что можно и нельзя, у меня уже внутри пересохло все, корочками покрылось, без капель сосудосуживающих дышать не могла, я к ним вообще быстро привыкаю.

Когда начала Синупрет пить, в первый день особого облегчения не было, а вот со второго уже дышать стало легче, закапала нос только пару раз, утром и перед сном. С третьего дня не капала вообще, отек со слизистой сошел, воспаление уменьшилось. То, что не могла вылечить больше месяца, с Синупретом прошло фактически за неделю.

В следующий раз, когда начнется насморк, то с Синупрета и начну лечение. Теперь знаю, что он в этом деле самый действенный.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medical wares

To drown out the headache all the time tried Pentalgin. Hoped that if he with any other pain ovladevaet perfectly with this handle. But it didn't help( and Then from the doctor learned of the existence of protivomigrenozhnykh drugs — tryptanol. They really became easier to bear attacks. And recently, from the same doctor, know about the existence of a transcutaneous stimulator trigeminal nerve — Cefaly. One of the tricks, he even showed it. The effect is so nice that I decided to buy.
And here already second month exploit Cefali at home.
This device has 3 modes:
Mode 1 use when head is splitting, or when you feel like the first symptoms of migraine. Spend the procedure (run Cefali) 3 times in succession, with an interval of 20 minutes, each session lasts 20 min. Forgot to clarify, pre-drink half a tablet Sumatriptan.
Mode 2 is intended for the prophylactic effects on the body. Thanks to him, the frequency of migraine attacks is reduced. So far nothing more to say about the 2nd mode can not (use it very rarely).
Mode 3 I researched the best. Used it the first few weeks to get used to Cefali. Although I know that some use the 3rd mode, and against stress.
Cefali comfortable and not whimsical. The modes are selected pressing the button in the center of the Hoop. One beep indicates that you have included the 1st mode, 2 - second and 3 - third.
Very good device. The only inconvenience is necessary to ensure that the electrodes are "suddenly" is not over. 1 electrode is enough for 20 sessions. So I advise you to stock up on them until later.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

With the onset of summer, our family regularly occurs with this unpleasant situation as diarrhoea, it affects everyone - children and adults. Why summer? Yes, because the environment temperature - all contribute to the spread of pathogenic bacteria that enter the body with food and drink. To find the perfect treatment option that fits all (just take a different form of issue) - TopGear. It is a plus that he's not just mounts, he removes the cause of diarrhea pathogenic bacteria, it acts only on them, without disturbing the balance of beneficial microflora. He has a simple technique, fairly fast acting, does not give the side effects. So the home kit is always have these pills for adults and syrup for children.

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Reviews: Medicine / Hospitals

From time to time felt completely healthy, and then as cut off: one thing after another, from doctor to doctor, from clinic to clinic and so for weeks. In General, how common efforts like managed to improve my health, I even became the second child to reflect, as again not with no reason at all started to have health problems, but this time was ill one head and find out the cause of these pains and the doctors could not well, but despite this, appointment did it for the most part was just pain pills, and it turns out that the treatment, as such, I didn't get at all. At first, I have such a disposition even satisfied, relief came very quickly, but after a very short time, I began to notice that one little pill is already idle, she increased the dose to two, then to three...
Sounded the alarm the mother when she saw what volumes I swallow the pills. Again came the endless adventures of the doctors, the tests, examinations... will Notice that the services of the state hospitals at that time, we have already refused, went private. But unfortunately for us and then we got the defeat, one does not able to help.
Contact the Institute of Health and Nutrition, again mom told one old Professor. He had information that on its base can be diagnosis of the health according to the method of Hema Medi Test. Mom again myself, I called the Institute and got me an appointment with the doctor. I telephonically informed that at a specified time and at indicated address I need to be in place, to go with me she can't.
Not to say that inspired by hope, rather, with a little faith, I arrived at the Institute. The doctor was waiting for me. Almost an hour I spent in his office for questions and clarifying all the details that somehow affect my health. Then he sent me for tests. Then followed by ECG, ultrasound and a range of other surveys.
When all necessary information was in the hands of the doctor, he made them in a special program, which for hours analyzing them and as a result has issued a report on the state of my health. The doctor examined it and rushed to comfort me, they say nothing serious, but need to be treated.
He set up a personalized recovery program that was designed for 3 months and included advice on nutrition, exercise and specially selected complex of nutraceuticals. At the expiration of that time, I was re-diagnostic procedure for evaluation of results. Then the doctor compared and formed the second stage of recovery. Now that I flew to the Institute on the wings of happiness, my headaches have gone completely.
Since that time it's been a little over six months, with health at me all is normal, there was no recurrence. I hope that about the headaches I'm going to speak now only in past tense..

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Reviews: Pets / Petfood

Before Royal Canin, we had a big problem with feeding the dog. Our pet of noble blood - purebred Irish red setter. He is now a year stunningly beautiful and very intelligent dog. At first he was fed natural food (chicken, Turkey, rice, buckwheat, etc.) But literally after a short period of time, it began to torment allergies. The dog began to comb the ears, face and lick his paws. Later began to give him dry food. Allergy only intensified. Yes, and to such an extent that the poor soul began to itch and lick that began to appear bloody wounds. I had to go to the veterinarian for help. We have appointed treatment, prescribed ointment and liquid for daily processing. The dog was wearing the spacers. And of course the doctor was recommended to us by another feed. It was Royal Canin Anallergenic. Transferred immediately, without a gradual transition, because medical and food designed specifically for feeding it in food Allergy. Generally a dog we have to food, not fastidious, eats everything I give you. Another thing that "all" his health is affected. Royal Canin gave without fear, after all, recommended it specialist and our favorite, too, interested him not a little)) I never have been, ate a portion of the direct and blatantly began to demand an additive))Now I understand why feed Royal Canin relates to stern luxury apartments. Even his appearance is much different from the usual. Pieces smooth, uniform shape, smooth , shiny with a nice soft yummy smell. They are not dry, but not soft. When the dog eats from his dish came a light crunch, just the same you can hear when we eat chips.In General, not much, not enough, but we did on this feed for 3 months. From allergies already and no trace left when the doctor were allowed to transfer food for setters above 12 months - Setter Adult. At the time of transfer to the food, already the fear was, what if the Allergy is back again, he's not healing? But in this time everything went like clockwork. The dog ate it with great pleasure and, at the same time, no allergic reactions to food is not caused.Now our setter is also on Royal Canin, feels fine to me. And when well our pet, well and to us)) .

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