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Reviews: Cosmetics / Other

Хочу поделиться своим успешным методом борьбы с кариесом. Дело в том, что с зубами в нашей семье у многих проблемы. У сестры, например, они очень сильно крошились во время беременности, мама никак не может избавиться от налета и зубного камня, ну, а я, столкнулась с такой проблемой, как кариес. Так как за зубами я слежу внимательно, поэтому и первые признаки приближающегося кариеса, заметила сразу. Тут же обратилась к стоматологу. Он провел все необходимые процедуры, и посоветовал мне: а) сменить зубную пасту; б) начать пользоваться спреем Дента Баланс для профилактики кариеса. Нашла данное средство я в интернет аптеке и маркетплейсах. Заказала, получила, и тут же попробовала. Сразу отмечу вкус спрея, мне он понравился, нейтральный, освежающий, так что пользоваться в дальнейшем, им было просто. Флакончик у спрея небольшой, поэтому, чтобы иметь возможность пользоваться им в течение дня, я брала его с собой, в сумке он места практически не занимает, в принципе, его и в карман ветровки можно легко положить. Действует он довольно быстро, улучшение в состоянии зубов я заметила уже в первую неделю, что конечно же порадовало. Зубы стали гладкие при прикосновении языком - наверное это и есть эффект реминерализации. В общем, пользуюсь им и сейчас, как флакончик закончится, сделаю перерыв, и повторю курс, чисто в целях профилактики. Лучше уж заранее подсуетиться, чем потом лечиться)

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Про Нормобакт Junior узнала из инета, и когда пришлось ехать за границу с дочкой, зная, что у неё в пути вполне могут начаться проблемы с кишечником, кинула пачку медвежат в аптечку. Как и предполагала препарат в дороге пригодился. Но всего за пару дней довольно хорошо решил проблему. У дочери прошло вздутие, боли и расстройство. Ни один пробитик из тех что принимали до этого, не помогал так быстро.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medical wares

Cefali (Cefaly) from CEFALY-Technology (Belgium).
Distributor in Russian CJSC "FarmFirma "Soteks".
I ordered via the Internet, then taken away in a pharmacy.
Hoop picked up intuitively, even the reviews are not read. Accidentally saw the advertisement and decided to take it, come what may, my migraine just got me completely not childish.
What is this Hoop. This plastic gadget that works on normal 2 batteries and by stimulation of the trigeminal nerve at two different frequencies, or relieves you of pain during the migraine attack.
Or, you decided to make prevention and independently, outside attack, at a lower frequency current, every day for 20 minutes, lie with this Hoop.
What do you say. Prevention I have not done. Honestly all no time. The pain was shooting and shooting.
The Hoop is convenient because it can be taken anywhere. Therefore carry on and shift. Even if you catch me at work, I always have the opportunity to carve out an hour and sit him on the head.
It relieves pain perfectly. I also want to note that I now have and attacks happen much less frequent and not as strong. My summary on the Hoop of Cefaly. The thing you need.
What will happen then and not used my migraine to its effects, I don't know, but at the moment Cefali my wand wand.

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Reviews: Man-woman / Other

Durex Naturals of all the lubricants this company my favorite. There are several reasons. First, small and convenient tube. There is always the opportunity to take to the road, if we go to my parents or on vacation. The form is very similar to hand cream and so difficult to guess that it's sexual lubricant, even if someone will see. Secondly I personally like the fact that it hardly smells at all. The first smell is very light and disappears in the first minutes. I just have a hard time with sweet or strong smells. In the third-he composition includes prebiotics that mucosa just great, does not violate the microflora. The only very small minus, for me the grease is the consistency could be a little thicker so that it can easily squeeze into your palm and not have to worry about from contact with a warm hand, it will quickly spread. But maybe it would be more sticky, so content with what is. Especially prilovchitsya to squeeze as much as necessary, it requires not much time. Excess lubricant is excellent to use for additional stimulation in the breast area, or wherever else you need (here everything is very individual). In terms of sexual relations, my husband and everything is fine, so one tube is enough for a maximum of 2 months, according to the reviews I read that some three missing. but it depends on your sexuality, frequency of use and how you use it. If only for the intimate area, it will last longer if other parts of the body, then of course the consumption more. the biggest and obvious advantage of this grease is its compatibility with condoms and the fact that after the PA it does not require rinsing. Agree. stomp in the shower after five minutes of active sex, as it is not very desirable. Therefore, I recommend the lubrication of all actively practicing sex, well and the rest too))) just for a change))).

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

I cold sore often and quite.
There are autumn-winter seasons, that process has been delayed for one week or even a month. Always I have the process ends with complications , or pneumonia, in the best case of bronchitis a couple of times had problems with the kidneys. So I have a shitty immune system.
The flu severely. Just a couple of weeks ago again out of state when you just want to lie down and folded legs, and then come what may. But this is the first time for the last time the process went without oslozhneniy. At all. Ie I stupidly sick with a cold, but no more.
And although Kagocel repeatedly read and heard a lot of not so flattering expressions, "fuflomitsin" the most gentle of them , but this time, this medicine has helped to cope and get out of the cold state without different charms from other bodies, well, except that by the end of treatment remained slightly hoarse voice and sore nose from a cold, but it had a problem, well at least the sinus infection did not come as usual.
Most importantly, the temperature slept through the day, which gave the process to develop further and as a result I for once without receiving more serious drugs like antibiotics. So the more do not want to hear about Kagocel anything wrong.
Yeah, maybe there are people who it simply doesn't help because it doesn't fit. But not all drugs cure and the duty to help everyone and everything. I in this case Kagocel helped and I say this with full responsibility. So look for their products. Treated and most importantly never give up. Medicine does not stand still.

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