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Осень в самом разгаре и мы вовремя купили воздуходувку для уборки листы.
Отлично выметает даже иголки сосны с газона, мощности для этого хватает.
С листвой легко справляется, сдуваю в кучки листья, потом измельчаю. В размере уменьшается листва в 10-12 раз.
Обошлась воздуходувка в 20 тыс, заказывали через интернет магазин у официального представителя марки Эхо.
Приятный бонус - пять лет гарантии дает производитель.

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Покупался клей в пачке по 25 кг, добавлю фото упаковки, ведь клей хороший, можно и для ремонта кухни применять, и для санузла. Муж сам занимался укладкой плитки на кухне, инициатива была его, мешать не стала. Клей нам посоветовал знакомый, самим разобраться в огромном количестве материалов было бы сложнее.
Клей пластичный, в работе отлично себя показал. Смотрела за процессом замеса клея, как укладывалась плитка. Работа сложная, но если постараться можно и самим все сделать. Всего то нужны ловкие руки и клей для плитки керамической «Строймомент» СМК 11.

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Reviews: Media / TV programms

Programme 10 years younger look from the second season, partly first season reviewed. The project I was very surprised, I did not expect really each character is so dramatically changing.
Like the show a lot, but in the 10 years younger women don't just wear, working with plastic surgeon Blokhin S. N., a dentist and stylists. And during the show the women are revealed, become a little happier, kinder, more fun, more positive look at the world. Correctly noted in one series stylist that participants changed the aura after plastic surgery.
It's true, when man sees that he is handsome, young, he has new energy. Yes, even I, the viewer, the day gets better after this show.
I advise you to watch this show, at least a few episodes.

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Reviews: Medicine / Other

Hi all. I can not share the opinion about the procedure hardware hydrophilia. Can compare with the usual peeling, but the effect is totally different.
During the procedure of hydrophilini the skin is not only cleansed of dead cells, but also moisturized with the help of special serums. The apparatus includes SilkPeel diamond miroslavovna, vacuum cleansing, and lymphatic drainage, the introduction of a serum based on hyaluronic acid. The skin after this procedure, hydrated, smooth, very pleasant to the touch. I will try to do this procedure at least once in two months to maintain the skin in good condition. I only do face hydromilling, costing me the procedure to 5900 RUB in cosmetics on the basis of Frau clinics.

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First visit to the dentist was the most common inspection fortunately nothing serious to heal not needed. Just removed the plaque replaced one old darkened filling.
The rest of the teeth healthy. Asked the dentist about whitening methods, laser whitening was the most ideal option for me, because the color after bleaching this is natural, there is no risk to overdo it and this is one of the safest methods of whitening. During the procedure, there are unusual sensations, such as pain I had, but still not very nice.
Yes, it is expensive! But a beautiful smile is worth it and certainly not the least bit doubt, the result of bleaching me insanely happy.

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