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5 20.05.2020

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Aescusan this is a great help with varicose veins. The varicose veins I inherited the first wreath appeared at age 20. Long did nothing and did not take anything. After 35 began to take. when revealed several veins. Take the case with these courses for about a year and a half-two months, three times a day, before meals. I like that the drug is available in drops and it is plant-based. It is not so strongly affects the stomach. During the taking of the drug, a new wreath is not seen and I'm extremely happy about.

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5 22.04.2020

Reviews: Medicine / Vitamins

With the problem of varicose veins I have faced more than two years ago. Rather it was the beginning of varicose veins and is of course, until called. I hope so, it'll remain as it is now. On the right leg popped up the wreath, below the knee. Not sick, do not pull, do not even bother. But I immediately began to panic. Besides, my often — swollen feet. Comparing everyone ran to the doctor. After passed tests, appointed venotonic a few courses per year and support equipment. Of the latest gel Venolgon.

Produced by the firm tvins Tek, Russia. Cardboard box, inside which a tube of 100 ml Gel has a pleasant smell, medium texture, the skin is well distributed and is quickly absorbed. I try to use twice a day. Just apply with light massage movements from the bottom up. After two weeks of use I began to notice that the swollen feet not so much, evening, much better feel. As for the wreaths, it, TTT, in the same condition. And most importantly, that new is not apparent.

Conclusion — a good way, with its direct task perfectly! Therefore, recommend going with confidence.

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5 23.02.2020

Reviews: Cosmetics / for face

Leave a small review about the cream-gel for oily skin Anti acne. Manufactured by twins tech. Available in tube of 50 ml volume, texture medium, is applied to the face easily, absorbs quickly. Don't leave your face dry skin. During application the skin became cleaner, the rash became less frequent and not as strong.

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Reviews: Medicine / Hospitals

Happy with the clinic. Spoke on several issues. Always help. Qualified doctors, adequate staff will always help advice and tell you if something is not clear. Mainly addressed to the therapist. Mom first drove there with her constantly jumping pressure itself several occasions with colds. Yet she visited a gastroenterologist about your stomach, is constantly tormented by flatulence, colic. Addressed in branch Zhukov. Assistance was timely, so the clinic in positive terms.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

There was a problem with nail fungus toes. This disease overcomes me for over two years and didn't know how to deal with it until the perfect moment. Once again stood in line at the pharmacy hoping to find something better against the fungus, with a disturbed look and no hope in his eyes. Ahead of me stood a woman turned to me to ask the time and at the same time asked me what had happened. I told her my trouble and failed attempts of treatment. Said that with the use of different drugs, and tried not enough, the nails began to exfoliate and become yellow with a horrible smell. So ashamed, not that go out to the beach, and even go to visit. Then this woman (her great) advised me to take WARTNER Alexpert. Said, take will not regret. As they say no harm in trying. Took. Gave 480 rubles, I think is not such great money, and nothing much to lose. Antifungal drug Partner Alexpert was liquid in a tube resembling a mascara, a volume of 4 ml with applicator that I really liked. Read the instructions, started to use. After the first week, the result is zero, but then having met the spirit decided to pass the entire course. After two and a half weeks to start seeing results. Began to disappear the odor. After another three weeks the nails began to take its healthy color. In the shower lit a spark of hope. And so it happened, after three month, I couldn't get enough of her already almost healthy nails. The course must comply within six months, because a healthy plate will grow after this time. Such an incredible effect amazed me. Is part of Partner Alexpert includes silicone oil, which forms a impermeable water-repellent layer on the surface of the nail plate, which prevents the proliferation of fungus. D panthenol restores the affected nails and silver ions that influence the decay of fungal spores. Also it can be used to protect healthy nails from fungus. In General, the result is super. All suggest. Now live freely without any fungi. And if you come back then you know how to overcome!.

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