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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Синупрет помогает всегда при заложенности носа. Это один из немногих препаратов, который может похвастаться качественным составом. Он растительный, в составе содержаться экстракты 5 лекарственных трав - горечавка, первоцвет, щавель, бузина, вербена.

Как правило начинаю принимать с первыми симптомами простуды, у меня нос это слабое место и его начинает сразу же закладывать. И если не сделать что-то кардинальное - то обязательно переходит в гайморит. Уже наученная горьким опытом. Поэтому, как только нос заложило или потекли сопли - 3 раза в день Синупрет по 2 таблетки. Препарат выпускается в форме таблеток, 50 штук в упаковке, одной упаковки хватает на неделю.

Я обычно пропиваю курс 2 недели. И можно быть спокойной, что насморк не даст осложнений. Синупрет избавляет от заложенности, снимает отек слизистой и позволяет носу наконец-то свободно дышать. Препарат отлично себя зарекомендовал, твердая пятерка.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medical wares

Share your opinion about the wrap Cefali that I actively use for more than a year. Bought for myself, because get migraines for a couple of years. It is a pity money was not, because the medication to treat the seizures and problems on the job, cost generally more expensive. Cefali I advised a good friend that bought it for his mother while on holiday abroad.

We have, I took exactly the same from the official. In fact, it is a plastic wrap, which is exposed through the electrode on the trigeminal nerve and thus relieves headaches. In the first months I used it on the "addictive", the sessions were more frequent, but short. Then began to use a more intensive mode. The General feel of addiction I had, in fact, generally no, I even thought my mother Cefali not working, but when added power almost immediately felt a slight numbness in the forehead. Therefore, the Hoop works, it just works quietly.

After they began to regularly use, really is improvement. I think everyone has to decide for himself whether he needs this gadget, but to look closely, the thing is great, which helps and it does not require special skills and extra effort

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Gel "Tramalgin" from the 911, always have in the medicine Cabinet, helps to cope with the pain of sprains and bruises. Missing a few applications to make things easier. The gel contains plant extracts, due to which he has a beneficial effect on the joints. Tramalgin quickly absorbed, leaves no sticky feeling. The gel starts to warm up and get much better.

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Reviews: Pets / Petfood

Confirm that the food is good. We have many years of special feed for the British. The cat we have is gorgeous. A lot of contenders for his heart, and he does not deny) Visits to the vet we have regular but more like advice and prevention. Especially some strong complaints we had. Cat cheerful, playful. Externally - wool wadding, does not clump, was brilliant. Overall, stern five solid, especially with its affordable prices.

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Reviews: Food / Drinks

Basically buying stock in the hypermarkets. Because if without stock - the price is decent. Last time took in a tape 100 packs -160 rubles. Tea like. Packs durable - not affected. Rope does not come off. Not to say that the dust in the bags.But probably not the best for the price. Sometimes though you can probably fake to run, but from it nobody is insured.Once took him to drink - the smell is disgusting. But, it was only once, otherwise the tea is good.

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