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На последнем обследовании врач подтвердил, что состояние мамы начало ухудшаться, лечение перестало помогать. Решили добавить уколы Этоксидол для устранения головокружений и проблем с памятью. Из-за забывчивости и рассеянности мамы я боялась ее одну дома оставить даже. У этоксидола антиишемические свойства, после курса улучшается кровоток в зоне ишемии, зона ишемического повреждения остается в прежних рамках. Все это подтвердилось на повторном обследовании у невролога. Сейчас мама сама справляется домашними делами, с памятью все наладилось постепенно. И головокружения не беспокоят.

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5 27.03.2019

This convenient, compact processor, my son bought for the New Year with my first paycheck! Maybe that's why such a reverent respect I have for this wonderful technique. But he really copes with many features. The price is obscenely low, and the quality is excellent.

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Pros: steam, works vertically
Cons: none
Review: iron light, but it does not prevent him perfectly ironed things. Powerful steam burst and vertical steam saved me from unnecessary spending and the purchase of the steamer.

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My husband is already 40 and he still behaves like a teenager - an avid fan of electric. We went with him to choose the electric car, the daughter in Giroskutershop, so he gave me more on an electric skateboard Halten RS-03 hyped! Discount on him now as much as 20 thousand rubles, the only thing that made a purchase, know that will still buy, so at least saved. But the vehicle is, admittedly, awesome! Powerful SUV!-so I would characterize him , he dispersed up to 60 km/ h, the feeling is awesome! The speed is not there, the drive through shock absorbers smooth! The scooter is very stable, reliable, has Swept with a breeze!!! Our total weight - 130 kg, but can be in the market to ride it for the purchase, can withstand up to 140 lbs. For me it's heavy, about 35 kg lead, decided in the spring to buy me something a little lighter, and work together to drive on the weekends to live a healthy lifestyle, camping will only contribute to my rejuvenation, he said to me) , knows how to reach out and unleash on your purchase!

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