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Reviews: Medicine / Medical wares

Когда только началась вся эта ситуация с коронавирусом, я купила себе спиртовой антисептик, чтобы обрабатывать руки. Он быстро высушил кожу на руках и мне постоянно приходилось пользоваться кремом. Постепенно кожа восстановилась, я купила в аптеке обычный хлоргексидин и пользовалась им. Но упаковка у него не самая удобная и я искала другие варианты. Как-то фармацевт посоветовала вот такой антисептик в красивой баночке, называется Лаврик. В составе у него тот же хлоргексидин, но концентрация в 6 раз выше.
Им я и пользуюсь до сих пор. Нравится, что флакон с распылителем, это удобнее, чем дозатор. Антисептик не пахнет, не оставляет ощущения липкости и не оставляет следов на коже. Его удобно брать с собой, держать в машине. При необходимости можно обрабатывать не только руки, но и ранки, какие-то поверхности.

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5 25.06.2020

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

I have, or rather was, such a delicate problem as excessive sweating in the underarms. And that armpit sweating, other areas of the skin not. Deodorants and antiperspirants if helped, they never had enough for the day. Tried alum, which are sold in pharmacies, the effect is better, but also for the whole day is not enough.
Like the doctors thought it could indicate some health problems, but no, it's all right, deviations from the norm are not found. The therapist said that you can buy at the pharmacy Formagel, the tool is good. Immediately from the doctor I went to a local pharmacy and about 200 rubles bought a tube.
Read the instructions, apply a thin layer on the skin after a shower. On armpits to keep no longer than 20 minutes on the feet and between fingers for 30-40 minutes. Another important point is that after I shave my armpits, then you need to wait a day before applying the gel.
After the first application I'm nothing special did not feel, went to work. Already noticed the absence of unpleasant underarm humidity, sweat does not exist. And this effect lasted for the whole week, 5 days. Weekend sweating already manifested, but not very much. You could say the week was the effect. Then struck again and continue to use the Formagel so far. Great tool, recommended!

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5 14.01.2020 | 14 January 2020 at 11:39

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

One day I noticed that his chest started to ache. At first did not attach importance to, but then the pain intensified. I realized that Breasts are swollen, increased in size and pain, add not a very pleasant feeling of fullness. Googling, I realized that like a breast. Have an appointment and in parallel bought at a pharmacy natural drops, about which I read in the Internet, EDAS-127. The doctor confirmed breast disease after the test. I asked about Adasa, said Yes, you should drink a three-month course helps many people. Before the next menstruation chest pain was gone, swelling is also. Now continue the course despite disappearance of symptoms. Conclusion: the drug works, is safe to use.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

I had quite dry skin on my face. And fine lines have begun to form. I saw different vitamin complexes, buy cream, and not very expensive. Tried different masks, homemade and purchased. But if it changed the situation, temporarily. And then I learned that there is such a recipe. Need to buy in a drugstore retinol palmitate (a vitamin A) and vitamin E. And a few drops of both to add to the day cream. I bought it and started to smear the face cream. About a week was already noticeable result. Dryness gone, fine lines were no longer so noticeable, and a little later some are gone. I liked the effect. Girls, enjoy!

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Birch tar is a known means of folk medicine. It kills bacteria, stops the pain, reduces inflammation, promotes skin regeneration. But when it comes to traditional medicine, then immediately sneaking suspicion. Meanwhile Berestin is not BAD, and was a drug. This means that its effectiveness is proven.
I took it out after noticed on the skin redness. They were small, so the doctor went and decided to take the pharmacy something, and if does not help, then to the doctor. But Beresina immediately became easier. A little itch was gone. And a couple of days redness is completely gone. So a good, natural and really works. Suggest all who have problems with skin!

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