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5 25.03.2020 | 25 March 2020 at 19:39

Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Today was going through my medicine Cabinet, put things in order, expiry dates checked and caught myself thinking that for that year, except for paracetamol and tsitramon in our Arsenal is always at hand Abisil.
I have often been out on the lip cold sores, and as soon as I feel that starts to itch't complain, appear this annoying sore, I smear the solution, 2 or 3 times a day. First, Abisil disinfects, and secondly, reduces inflammation, and thirdly, is itching and discomfort. Herpes so I have a few days disappears.
One bottle I have at home and one at work. Shelf life Abisil 4 years, cool, can not survive.
By the way, this tool is not only herpes helps.
Let's say, the husband cut the meat for linking, I cut myself. Please got Abisil, treated the wound. Instant anti-bacterial effect, no redness, the wound quickly tightened. It was enough to handle a couple of times a day, apply a thin layer.
The child ran into the street, fell, cut on the leg and on my elbow. Please clean and put a gauze bandage well wetted Abishalom. And then rescued.
My daughter was born, the navel is not very well healed. And then we came Abisil. How to start to use it, the navel has stopped bleeding and healed without problems. And I'm not afraid to use it because this medicine has no age restrictions, he lelechka and adults fit. Moreover, it is made from natural ingredients. By the way there is no irritation on the skin does not appear, does not burn one bit.
This drug has a number of advantages that I like. Abisil possesses antimicrobial, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. And in many ways he rescued us.
So for us, indispensable.

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1 25.03.2020

Reviews: Children / Baby care

I use these diapers, my son take. Ass remains dry, absorbs well, no smell sharp, do not cause allergies or irritation.

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