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5 19.11.2020

Могу рекомендовать этот роддом девочкам, которые едут на роды не из Москвы, а из других городов. Я сама так рожала. Документы оформляют без волокиты. Если хотите еще меньше париться, можно обратиться на сайт "Роды в Москве", вам там помогут собрать документы нужные и записаться к врачу на консультацию. Уровень обстановки в роддоме московский, все чисто, отремонтировано, облупленных стен как у нас в ЖК нету. Очень профессиональные врачи. Еще можно получить или большой подарок на ребенка, или деньги на карточку, если свидет-во о рождении оформить прямо в роддоме.

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Good day, dear ottoviani and ottoviani! Today a review about this everyday product such as juice. Or rather, the juice is "Good" with orange flavor.
We are addicted to this juice is not casual. The reason for our husband with respect to purchases. I think almost every married woman here met with these calls from the supermarket: what juice to get? And what is the volume? Sausages and what? And Oh my God, how tired of this! And at some point I to the next such call freaked out and said, Take the juice, what most! Because if a lot, then it is clearly proven and at least, they don't get poisoned! And it turned out to be tea.
The price of the juice is affordable, you can buy it almost everywhere. The juice we drink almost every day, it is good for health. So now at least my husband knows exactly which pack to take it from the shelf, and though this place constant calls stopped!
About the juice itself. I love the orange flavor, it is bright and evokes a sense of celebration. Of course, there is the difference between a regular orange and juice. And the juice is "Good" for me to taste was very satisfied: it does this outright sour, when it is seen that if the orange somewhere past the juice and ran, it then greatly diluted.
In fact, about the composition. Unfortunately, to know the exact ratio of concentrated juice from the information on the pack does not work, it says not less than 50%. But overall the composition is quite common for orange, and most importantly, that it was not any E-shki. Well in front of a pack specifically said that the juice has no preservatives and dyes. So you can take it to the category natural. Recently on packs appeared a special code that leads to the website of the manufacturer and where can I learn how to cook. That is really a natural juice: it is pressed, concentrated, transported to the plant and is there brought to a state of normal juice we drink.
Mind juice: very pretty color Nekrutenko orange, bright and alive. The average density of normal for orange juice.
Overall it is a simple, quality and tasty product that we are happy to drink constantly! .

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