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Fluency in the French language in pre-revolutionary Russia was mandatory in noble circles.
Can not be said in our time about the French cars. Stereotypes are very strong. If you select the sedan of business class Camry wins of course with Tiana. Not far behind, and Passat. This car don't buy wisely and buy heart. A year and a half I own one of the finest examples of French engineering car Citroen C5 (X7) 2010. During this time I have traveled over 70,000 km, a clear conclusion on this model is not easy to do. Like the car, but was puzzled by the internal stiffness in the rear seat with significant external dimensions, pleased with the comfort, but was surprised at the overabundance of information, gave us a pleasant surprise in terms of soundproofing, but in a positive dynamics. Hydroactive 3+ is a separate issue. However, it is undoubtedly a worthy representative of the family "car for the driver."

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You came to St. Petersburg for a very small period of time, and would like to see all the main attractions of the city. Then you are here: in the Alexander Park, not far from the Peter and Paul fortress in June 2011 opened tourist center Mini-city, where reduced sculptures of the main historical monuments of St. Petersburg. Transportation to the metro Station Gorkovskaya, when exiting the station, turn left and walk about 100 meters deep, Alexandrovsky garden and entrance is free.

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So. Bakhchisaray during the Crimean Khanate was the capital and residence of Khan naturally located there. I could not deny myself the pleasure to be here and to dip a little bit into the story. Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray was built as the residence of tribal dynasty Hera - the rulers of the Crimean Khanate. For two and a half centuries (from 1532 to 1783), Bakhchisarai palace served as the center of political, spiritual and cultural life of the state of the Crimean Tatars. History of the palace can be found on their websites, and if you suddenly find yourself in Bakhchisarai then do not take a few hours and visit the place. Believe me you will not be disappointed. The mosque on the palace serving and we were lucky to see a piece of the wedding. A growing schelkovitsa courtyard remembers the first inhabitants of the s 400 years

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So. Even in early childhood, I saw a picture of "Swallow's Nest" at Yalta. Since then, to see this masterpiece live was my dream. And it came true. I must say that living in this palace has impressed me even more. Now a little history of the palace. Swallow's Nest - a monument of history and architecture, located on a steep 40-meter Avrora cliff of Cape Ai-Todor in the village of Gaspra. Its present form "Swallow's Nest" received thanks to the oil industrialist Baron Steinheil, who loved to rest in the Crimea. Steinheil purchased at Avrora rock suburban area and decided to build a romantic castle, which resembles a medieval building on the banks of the Rhine. On the way to the castle offers a great view on the rock sail, and if you're lucky with the weather and the mountain Ayu-Dag at the foot of which there is a camp "Artek". Naturally without the market there were some souvenirs here. Entrance way free, but in order to enjoy the view needs to be done not a little way down the stairs first and then accordingly up. To be continued ....

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3 10.09.2012 | 10 September 2012 at 14:53

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As you may remember from my previous story would not just splash around in the sea, but also to see the sights. Rest after the move was the decision to ride in the Grand Yalta (Alupka, Alushta, Yalta). Well first of all like to see Vorontsov Palace where after 3 hours on the mountain serpentine road we got. Vorontsov Palace is located in Alupka (Crimea) at the foot of Mount Ai-Petri.Vorontsovsky palace was built on the new (compared with classicism) architectural and construction principles. An important architectural feature was the location of the palace respectively relief mountains, making the palace very blend in with the surrounding landscape and found his original artistic and expressive image. The palace was built in the spirit of English architecture, and there are elements in the construction of different eras, from the early forms and ending XVI century. Arrangement of elements coming from the western gate - the farther from the gate, the more recent style of construction. English style combine with Moorish style. For example, the Gothic chimneys resemble minarets mosque. The south entrance is decorated with Oriental splendor. Horseshoe arch, two-story arch, carved plaster in a niche where interwoven pattern of Tudor flower and lotus motif, completed by repeated six times frieze Arabic inscription: "There is no god but Allah." The palace was built from 1828 to 1848 as the summer residence of a prominent Russian politician, governor-general of the Novorossiysk Territory Count MS Vorontsova.Paradnye interior of the palace is almost completely retained its original finish. Each room is unique, it is only proper color, reflected in the title: Chinese cabinet, Calico Room, Winter Garden, the Blue lounge. Making the Main dining room decor reminiscent of knights hall in medieval castles. It is decorated with rich carvings and four monumental mural. A masterpiece of landscape art - Alupka Park. Its creator - a gardener-botanist Charles Augustus Kebah (1799-1851) studied planning and planting in the park more than a quarter century. Park being a park-monument of national importance, is a part of the museum exposition area. Entrance to the park is free. Parking is natural for the money. Recommend to buy tickets and tour with a walk through the halls of the palace. Believe me it is a very beautiful and interesting.

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