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Already written a positive review of the second Tver School of Music, decided to write separately about the teacher Lipatova Angelina Vasilyevna. It only works with children of elementary school and junior classes. Children in third grade, if talented transfers to other teachers. It has its own method, which allows you to teach children through games, through a simple clear images of children through color. The children are musically literate without cramming, play little pieces with pleasure. This technique, of course, an amazing teacher approach. However, she a supporter of the classical school, teaching and technology, and reading from a sheet, and memory develops and instills a love for the classics. In general, all of fair, but a technique that is best suited for children. And the children of music is very useful - it develops and fingers and toes, and a speech and memory and concentration, and personality harmonizes. Would recommend.

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This music school at the Mussorgsky (Tver), now in its fourth year, with 3 years of my daughter. First, go into a simple group of small children, just to develop a sense of rhythm, hearing. Excellent teacher, Irina Vladislavovna Grudek, works very well with young children. Then we went to the piano Lipatova Angelina Vasilyevna. She also has children in elementary music school. Knows how to approach the teacher, all the time through the game, quietly in the piano. The children themselves did not notice when the game ends, and when the game starts on the piano. Actually, I identified two teachers with whom I communicate a lot, but the music school as a whole is very pleasant. Is there any good creative spirit.

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-2 14.11.2010

Reviews: Travelling / Cities

found himself on a trip to the Czech Republic for a week. We decided one day to be held in Karlovy Vary. All the same autumn, sadly, went to the mountains in the treatment of water. Heard on the street first Russian language, I think - well, Russo-tourist-face morality. Going further along the single street - again, speaking Russian. Then enter the area of ​​boutiques all insanely expensive, it is not clear for whom intended. Look, all Russian saleswoman. Everywhere hang ads in Russian on the sale of real estate. Feeling that Courchevel has moved here. Well, we think, do not worry. And then we see the procession: there is a guy, a lot of hangers-on around him. Hover around him, giggle, act like a dog in front of a trough. Would tails wagged like. Come by and look at us as shit. Who is not know, but, apparently, an official of some, the saw cut dough specializing. In general, do not like it there. Though there and clean, of course, I would say stirilno. The nature of kick-ass. But the mood is ruined.

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Samsung stiralka bought in 2004. Long time to choose, eventually settled on her for the following reasons: - it cost less than stiralka the same class of other firms - warranted for 3 years then gave only Samsung. Since then, the pump broke down once, but changed under warranty without question and quickly. Just recently started to occur weird glitches: machine began to dwell on some programs - no signal error, just stops and all. Master came, checked all the connections, all the connectors disconnected and then connected back. Everything is working again as new. Says: Samsung washing machines have a single bottleneck - the pump. Everything else is not a damn break. We have the moral to buy a new tune, 6 years of life, yet for the technology. Already have stiralka and less with the best performance. But that something is not broken! With its throw.

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5 14.11.2010

Reviews: Motors / Cars / NISSAN

I have to agree with the previous speaker. Nissan Cube - a great thing. To be honest, and right hand drive by and large does not stop when you get used to. Long torn what to buy - or the new Getz in the minimum configuration, or b / a cube. In the end I was convinced a big fan of Japanese women. The arguments of well-known: - the Japanese to gather themselves better - in Japan, excellent roads and maintenance, the machine is better preserved. Of course, buying a car beushnogo - lottery. I was lucky quite appreciate at its "Rubik's cube," in 2000. At first he was afraid that there will be plenty of gasoline. I've heard from various people that eats, infection, 10-12 liters, as the Volga. I do not know, I eat about 6-7 liters. With his power and control very sparingly. However, I travel, I like the old woman: slowly, carefully, corks stupidly made the rounds. Since I travel often with children, I like this style more. Inside, you feel comfortable, surprisingly. When planting four or five places in the trunk is small, but we were missing.

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