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I and my mom's girlfriend decided to start losing weight together. The plan was this: take Chitosan, limit the intake of food.
We stopped on the tablets to control body weight "Chitosan" company "Эвалар".
I decided to test the effect of tablets. Ate still used the tablets according to instructions. Two weeks weight never moved at all. Ditched their drink and simply adjusted the food. Weight went down.
In my girlfriends all turned shabby. She began wild allergies to Chitosan, health problems. The doctor scolded her for taking these tablets. She was in the hospital 2 weeks because of weight loss.
At best, these dummy pills, at worst, can lead to unfortunate consequences.

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Pent Up. It just so happened that the supermarkets are just about my work and home. Sometimes I have to make there purchase (something for lunch at work, something home.) Try to buy there as seldom as possible. Sale of expired products, looks like the chip of this network.
For example, the other day I bought a dozen eggs when took up cooking, eggs protuhli, although the date of production was a little less than a week. Several times had to return the products prepared in our kitchen-salads sold prokisšimi.
Attitude is horrible. Just at lunch time from all funds is only one. It appears that this was done on purpose. The price tag is on display from time to time does not match the price at checkout. When you stand in the queue behind you and a lot of people may not always be aware of the "nakručennyh" of two to three rubles. The staff consists largely of descendants of the CIS countries, who asked: "Where do you showcase with this product?"-only a shrug or even do not understand the Russian speech.

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A week ago on my mobile it's SMS with access code. I have not ordered any operations, so that the code I was not needed. Ten minutes later she calls me and crying, saying that the password is not sent to you, asked him to send or say verbally. I told her password and calmed down until the balance has not removed the first 50 rubles. The report came on the operation of the transfer of funds to a specific number. Added balance, again translated in the amount of $ 75. Okay, I think I caught the fraudsters.
Phoned customer megaphone, explained the situation. The consultant advised to change the password in the Megaphone-money. Change password, deposit balance, again, over 75 rubles. Go to the Office of a megaphone, telling about everything. The answer is a staggering statement: "We help you no can. Try to change your password again. "
Change the transfer again. Go write a statement to the police, there are no statement, referring to the Security Office of the megaphone.
Patience: now I am a former client of megaphone. The company cannot help their clients.
Learn from my bitter experience and don't fall for fraudsters.

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Reviews: Cosmetics / Make-up

Manufacturer base under makeup promised a light coating of equalizing the tone and skin. In fact, neither the first nor the second. When causing the unpleasant sensation that Maju face rubber, rolling the entire base concealer makeup is very strongly in the first hours. In my opinion make up base should behave absolutely differently. Minus the Smooth Magique from l ' Oréal. No longer looking to buy.

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