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نهالستان - Review

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Such women to have children sooner

Recently watched just a very instructive story. At the stop came a woman with a child 3 years old, and sat down at the

The modern woman is not obliged to know how to cook

Way to my heart is through his stomach is not, but I think every girl should know how to cook. After all, he's

You say one thing to understand in another ...

I'm sure many have faced such a problem that occurs. If you say something wrong in the intonation or the wrong set

All male goats?

It's harder and harder to find love. Many of the girls who were offended by men, and when talking to you are in

A real man. Reflections.

I am interested, and wondered whether the women who complain about the lack of real men, that we are ones that neither


"My dear your dress is nothing in the closet does not fit"

After forever tattoos

tattoo is now very fashionable. But one thing when drawing on the body makes a guy, and quite another when it deals

Prude - it is not fashionable

irritates me in girls, when they behave like bigots. We are all created by nature, and there is nothing shameful in a


The real hunt married - it's when you have not called back, and the signature in the passport to the new names

Women's logic

I wonder how female logic! Stayed on the job - has changed, went with friends bar - again changed, and these examples

Women, if you want chivalrous attitude - corresponds to

In recent times you can find a very arrogant of the fairer sex. Most of them have successfully forgotten about, thanks

A man - not a girlfriend

Many girls are trying to make a young man's girlfriend, telling him who and how dressed at work, which she saw the

Oh these men.

If a man says, "I'll call you" and does not ring, it does not mean that he forgot to do it, it does not

Women always meet their men in good spirits

Women always meets his men in good spirits. Men love the comfort and tranquility. Frequent tantrums and whims are not

No one knows about sex?

Fu. Girls always recoil when it comes to sex. I pray. You guys more than anything do not think. But you at least once

A world without women - Wildlife

I think if men would have been alone in this world without women, they would turn into monkeys back. In fact, for whom

Wives to note

We can change, simply succumbing to instinct. And if you hide it from you and others, it means that you really do not

I'm sorry dear woman, but in truth this is

This poem is often attributed to Esenin (I think that it in any case, the man wrote.) I do not know why, but I often

What's the truth

youth buys the engagement ring: - Please, do engraving "by Tanya Genes." An elderly jeweler: - I would advise


Woman woman soon understand.


Love women should be more afraid than the hatred of men. This is poison, the more dangerous it is good.

My wife - the best woman in the world!

I want to say a few words about women and about my wife in particular. Without you (and I without my wife) we are


A man likes a woman who respects: the woman usually respects the only men whom he loves. Because men are often fond of

All women of taste, like wine

All the women of taste, like wine, there are tart, sparkling, dry, There are, of honey melt in the mouth, bitter

The mystery woman.

Although a complete understanding, we will never reach, with many differences and contradictions, which are also never


We men hate rolling any measure of pride - believe a person experienced! - And often without even saying a word to a

Jealousy. Why?

Many girls resent and are jealous of their young people over nothing. For example, the words of the gentleman look at

Kant I.

The one who first called women the fair sex, would, perhaps, to say this is something flattering for them, but actually

Cuban women

photos of her daughter just a guide and the guide itself.

and rightly so ...

A woman will always fly. And so on the wings or on a broomstick is dependent on men.

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