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Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner LEFUTUR-beautiful, expensive and useless toy. - Review

-1 02.02.2012

Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner LEFUTUR-beautiful, expensive and useless toy.

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Gave me this cute little thing for your desktop PC. Made nice, good plastic, not falling apart, does not creak. Insert the batteries could go only the most intelligent and rukasty man, the other, even figure out how to disassemble this thing failed. The creature is on the eight small brush, after the start from the bottom suck air through a side thereof to produce, as a fan. Slowly crawling on the table, eating dust. But I can say that the impact of this harvest is close to zero, while on the table at teens who have dinner at a computer, can it work will not be useless.

Tags: mini vacuum cleaner, useless toy, desktop mini vacuum cleaner, lefutur

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