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Washing Powder Eared nannies - a good powder. - Review

4 02.12.2011

Washing Powder "Eared nannies" - a good powder.

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I like the use detergent "Eared nannies!" Fully satisfied with the quality of laundry! This is the only powder, to which our family is not allergic. Hopefully in the future does not appear ...

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In General, washing children's impressions of the detergent remained ambivalent. I can not say that the powder never

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It seems to me if not for advertising, this powder would be like no one was buying. Because it simply is not any good.

Besfosfatnyj laundry detergent "white sail"

When you start an independent life, already thinking about the health of their family, and especially their children.

Dakos eco-hygiene left a stain

Not the first time I use powder "Dakos eco-hygiene" for the color of things. I can not complain that it does

Washing powder Surcar Sensitive for the whole family, 800g - not for the color of things

After several washings with this washing powder color of my stuff just lost their color, some have faded, it faded,

Powder Eared nurses - did not like.

I did not like the powder for baby clothes Eared nannies. He manages to bring only the freshest and difficult stains.

Washing powder Eared nannies

Baby washing powder "Eared nian" quite effective means for washing baby clothes. But it has one disadvantage. If after

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This time the Amway consultant persuaded to buy washing powder Amway "SA 8 Premium", promising huge savings and great

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Chose from the inexpensive powder for washing the myth of Mountain Dew, but after a few washes completely disappointed

Washing Powder 1kg Lion Blue Diamond - not so hot

Washing Powder Blue Diamond Lion tried to wash the white stuff, including bed linen, remained not too happy with the

Laundry detergent " Eared Nyan "

With the advent of the child raised the issue of choosing a child of detergent washing powder Has "-Eared Nyan

Gel "Eared nannies" to wash baby dishes of "Neva Cosmetics".

Gel "Eared nannies" to wash baby dishes of "Neva Cosmetics", his friend recommended to me as a way

Washing powder "Eared nannies"

Since the eldest son began allergic to our usual powder, then tried to erase things baby detergent "Eared

Washing powder Dosia alpine freshness machine 5.5 kg - bad vystiryvaetsya of clothing

clothes washed the powder only to harm themselves, even a small amount of powder penetrates into the tissue and not

Washing powder "eared nanny": things can not rinse

For daily laundry detergent bought "Eared nannies", intended for washing children's clothes. I thought

Washing Powder Tech Compact 1kg - I liked in action

The powder is very good, I was impressed by its action, things are even soaking is not necessary, all perfectly

Laundry detergent Persil Color Power, erases fine!

Fairly powder Persil, it's great washes. At any temperature if the wash with the powder, then threw things at

Means for dishes "Eared nannies"

Great facility, "eared nanny." Bought the other day, unnecessarily in the house there was a small child. Very

Washing powder Formil color machine - best of all attempted by me

That's all good German, people are able to keep the quality. Erases flawlessly, should not a large number for the

Laundry detergent SA8

Concentrated laundry detergent. Suitable for white and colored laundry. Contains color restorer. In addition,

Washing powder BiMax Color (automat) - no smell of powder

Powder Striralny got me pretty good. I do not like the smell remains after washing powder. With this BiMah handled

Washing Powder-Gel Persil Color - a great powder.

I like the use detergent-Gel Persil Color - a great powder! In the conventional powders do not want to move - at times

Washing powder Frau Schmidt Ocean White for white 600g - happy with the result

White washing powder thing that is very convenient, do not even need to add bleach, it washes even very stubborn dirt,

Laundry detergent Tide Color Machine from "Procter & Gamble" - a good choice

Always try to take this detergent, I like his action, because it keeps things clean, just like new. Quickly and easily

Washing powder Bryza Color - a good powder.

Probably, Bryza Color best laundry detergent in its price category. Washing the powder and the white and colored

Washing powder Baby line for children, based on 2.250 g of natural soap - I liked

Of all the children chose a powder it is this, he seemed the most safe for the baby clothes, washes great spot, and not

Washing powder DENI Children - well get rid of stains

There have been no spots left after washing. Denis brings them always. Stain does not add to the powder. The smell

Washing powder Ariel ProZim7 from P & G - the freshness of flavor!

The powder is good, yet censures him no different from others in that the washing does not need to add fabric softener,

Washing powder FeedBack COLOR Automat - a quality wash.

In the past year, my wife is addicted to use during washing detergent FeedBack COLOR Automat. As she reviews the powder

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