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Ingalipt - Review

4 19.07.2012

Aerosol "Ingalipt" helps with chronic diseases of the throat

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Aerosol "Ingalipt" very well help heal the throat with chronic tonsillitis. I have chronic tonsillitis since high school, at the slightest cold lost his voice. A doctor once prescribed "Ingalipt" and I was very pleased with the medicine. First, the drug is in a convenient compact the can and you can always carry with them, and to apply, even in traffic. Secondly, the spray does help to cope with bouts of coughing, "tickle" in throat irritation. Third, the medicine to taste sweet, flavored with eucalyptus, and is not addictive.

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During ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISEASE the doctor ordered to handle the throat spray Ingalipt-health of the production.

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Aerosol Ingalipt LLC "Pharmaceutical company" Health "- a well-relieves pain in the throat.

If my family is just beginning to sore throat, I immediately buy Ingalipt, we do not use them again, and he did not let

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News for everyone who cares about the first of your health and that of their children! :) Mortazavi released a new line

Natural ingredients in syrup.

The niece complained that the cough can not be cured it can. Summer cold somewhere managed. No more fever, just stuffy

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