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Evosystem#1 - Review

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Freedom Ink for eyelashes and eyebrows Leningrad is something.

Have not seen this mascara on the shelves in stores. Ran into her recently and blew memories. I bought, rushila check

Nail Polish Ga-De NAIL ENAMEL

Nail Polish Ga-De acquired on the advice of the consultant at the store, but when using very disappointed. Lacquer

Toothpaste «Expert Pharma» from TM «Faberlic» - bad cleans and freshens breath

Recently my girlfriend presented me a gift - toothpaste «Expert Pharma» from TM «Faberlic». She is a consultant to the c

Cotton pads "I am the most" from Company "Cotton Club". How do I use them? They fall apart!

These cotton pad impossible to use. Make-up Remover Lotion paint a disk, start erasing makeup and just drive splits

essential oil of frankincense Kingdom fragrances

Bought essential oil frankincense Kingdom of flavors to make a facial mask with its addition. The user manual says that

Body lotion Avon

This lotion I was advised to buy together with depilatory creams. On the lotion indicated that it minimizes the growth

Nail polish remover without acetone Yves Rocher MANICURE - does not remove the lacquer.

I had a chance to use tool for removing paint from Yves Rocher without acetone MANICURE. The smell, I was pleased,

Cream pitatelnyydlya hands and nails with the oil of verbena ooo "Floralis" - a disgusting smell and texture

I bought a hand cream and nail Foloralis Ltd., for work, as is often the hands come in contact with water and chemical

Depilatory creams Eveline Ultra-fast 8-in-1

Was in the hospital for a long time, legs naturally shaving was no where and I decided to buy this depilatory cream.

Foam Oriflame Discover Santorini

Bubble bath Oriflame Discover Santorini Blue Paradise enjoyed the unusual smell. But almost no foam is formed. Poured

Nail hardener " Clever enamel "

Nail hardener " Smart " enamel is very thick, lies on the nails uneven layer dries very long after

A tool to remove the cuticle Kiss

Half a year ago I bought a tool to remove the cuticle Kiss. This brand lot of money on the care of nails, the firm is

Moisturizing cream for hands and nails Avon

Bought moisturizing cream for hands and nails Avon, after application the skin becomes oily, sticky, cream poorly

Shaving foam Oriflame man

Shaving foam Oriflame man is disgusting quality and unpleasant smell. From bottle goes bad enough, despite being full.

Lip balm NIVEA intensive protection

Lip balm NIVEA intensive protection I bought in an ordinary supermarket in order to protect their lips from the bright

Lip Balm Essence Natventurista Lipbalm-a very good conditioner.

I bought a lip balm Natventurista Lipbalm of Essence. This is very good, effective balm. For consistency it is not

1) nail strengthener Frenchi Smart enamel - an excellent tool

I use a smart enamel is often because of the convenience! Nails just look well groomed and neat, and in addition also

PROFRESH lemon and raspberry

Usually always took another brand of Chapstick. But when it came to the store, there she was, and was just PROFRESH

Wax polish "LOR" - not kachestveenny wax

wax polish "LOR". I think this tool is absolutely no useful, and not bringing any effect. After applying the

Whitening Toothpaste TM SPLAT - good bleaches the enamel and erases

Very like toothpaste SPLAT TM and possibly use them alone. After cleaning the teeth, long lasting freshness in your

Trind Nail Kit does make your nails strong

I use a set of Trind nail care, and very pleased with the result, even less than two weeks, and the nails do not

Gift Set «Phyto EXPERT» from "Kalina" - like the Pope.

On February 23 my dad gave me a gift set «Phyto EXPERT» from "Kalina". It turned out that this set of very g

Shower Gel Palmolive "Northern Ocean" refreshing 2in1 men 750ml + 250ml - a stunning fragrance

Shower Gel Palmolive "Northern Ocean" I liked him even more than my husband, I just love its flavor, which

Cream after milking "Tenderness" by Goodman - a good healing effect

I recommend this cream from the doctor cracked heels. In fact, it is really for the cows. Just heals quickly and

Work and I like

I know that from the point of view of the consumer many girls belong to Avon, not very, not going to lie, I also not

Nail polish remover Sally Hansen - super-firming (USA) - washes well nail polish

The abstract says that it is composed of pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E, so the nails will have a well-groomed

beautiful lacquer for nail care

After a prolonged diet and a marked reduction in my weight, I noticed that the nails become brittle and dry. Even the

Serum Alerana growth stimulator of eyelashes and eyebrows, a stimulant, without hormones.

I like whey, really helps. Cilia have ceased to roll. Due to a very low-quality tools, and fell almost did not grow. A

Orly Cutique Cuticle & Stain Remover, a tool to remove the cuticle, very good tool for removing the cuticle to

take this tool to remove the cuticle Orly Cutique Cuticle & Stain Remover. Price it expensive, but it is completely

Soap-Neva Cosmetics tar smell is not pleasant, but it saves.

Wash it with soap is very rare, because it has a specific rare scent. But with all this, it washes very well. Foam is

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