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Бутылочки dr Brown - Review

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Designer - a robot on BERAD - details are not quality

All the boys love the designer, especially if the child can cope on their own and make a beautiful model of the

Doll " LTD Masha and the bear "

In the store at the price it was written that this toy for children, LLC " Masha and the bear " from

Parta "Madagascar" poor quality.

Baby party favor "Madagascar" for a few months and she was in a terrible state. Traces of paint instantly

Teat Avent Airflex Medium Stream 2 pieces - too soft silicone

Acquired a papilla for the baby, when it became unlearn from the breast and therefore decided to give him a bottle of

Pantyhose Conte kids production Brest hard for children to wear.

Pantyhose Conte kids production Brest child to put on their own legs can not. First, the fingers of the foot sticking

Lock to protect children

My child, like many children, loves to explore the contents of cupboards and drawers, and sometimes suffer from his

Toothpaste "dragon" orange - bad foam and a bad influence on the process of cleaning

This paste can be said, generally does not foam, is a paste can brush your teeth? Another of the cons - the taste of

Toy smart phone, Toys

Toy for children, Toys like the smart phone-use it to teach the child to distinguish between colors, shapes, numbers

Walking the Mars children's bicycle

With the arrival of summer chose to make his son a gift bought walking Mars children's bicycle. At first, he seemed

Baby Walkers Geoby XB500G-167 - were not necessary

we have acquired a walker, long before the child even began to sit down and hold yourself back, but when a child is a

Plasticine "1 Veresnya"

Like the bright packaging with cars, 12 bright colors and very attractive description. Price

Potty Prima Baby Hippo Yellow (Prima Baby Hippo) - awkward kid

I bought a baby Potty Prima Baby Hippo (Prima Baby Hippo) yellow, was a waste of money. Pot for a child is very

Invisible Children's coloring is invisible

I bought an invisible child coloring "doll", which was produced in Ukraine, Lugansk, FOP Sklyarov IV Coloring

Pampers pants (girls) Maxi small capacity may cause irritation

Bought at the store Pampers pants, as there were no diapers Pampers our size. At the touch of soft, pleasant, and

Kids Winter Boots Crocs (Kroksi)

Kids Winter Boots Crocs (Kroksi). These boots are warm though, but the quality is just disgusting. Not a month has

Great pillow for pregnant women

Bought a pillow for pregnant women is of great quality, not expensive. Specialists helped determine the choice and

Toy TM "Fancy" from Company "Comet-Plus" Bear Mika - myagenkaya, light and beautiful

Great toy, not for such a pity to give as much money as it stands, it is like and kiddies and adults. Bear is very

School Satchel Silwerhof "Spider Web" thing to her son liked

My knapsack brought their good quality and low price. Son - a modern design (some characters from cartoons), and a

A set of clay from TM "a Veresnya" - bright colors, good quality

Continuing to take this clay schoolboy son. A child like him much more than any other that I bought it. This is

If you need a bottle or girlfriend in HS, I think the born free pass for such a friend

Feeding bottle Born free have very much helped me. The fact that I gave birth to a daughter when he was a student at

Game Table Chicco Modo-a very good toy for children!

Have presented her son with her husband on the first birthday gaming table Chicco Modo, including a piano, play area

Stroller-cane Geoby D349E - Very stylish and comfortable!

This stroller has caused us some positive emotions! The back drops, strong wheels, a visor in the viewing window to

Modeling Dough "Razvivashki" - my son loved it.

My aunt runs a kindergarten teacher, she advised me to promote his son with the help of modeling dough. On her advice,

Bottle Feeding Avent by Philips is the best.

There was a problem, my daughter flatly refused to drink from a bottle. How many different buying on the find, but

Bed linen TM "Cloud" children's Love Bear - excellent quality

I love this set of baby bedding, it looks very nice and pleasant, creates a crib comfort and warmth, in addition he has

Toy "MULTI-BOX 'Dog, one of the works of kata Garfield-gay.

My son has a stuffed toy, "MULTI-BOX 'Dog, one of the works of kata Garfield. The first days, when we

Children's clothes-Chicco Relax & Play - easy and very necessary thing

purchased this chaise before the birth of a baby, so use it almost from birth. Each is very convenient. In the first

Designer "Rodby" "Zalіzna road" - a spectacular block Designer

My son is my husband's brother gave the designer, "Rodby" "Zalіzna the road." This is a very

The world of childhood drinking bowl handy and handsome.

The world of childhood drinking bowl bought for a long time for a younger daughter, when they decided to teach her to

Children's bicycle STELS VIRAGE 18 - Good!

Children's bicycle 18 STELS VIRAGE bought my nephew of 5 years. This bike has a solid frame, upholstered seat, on

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