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Architecture LLC Kaluga - Review

-4 17.05.2013 | 18 May 2013 at 18:27

Architecture LLC (Kaluga)

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Ordered the project of the Foundation. May be due to the fact that the company deals with large orders and work with " small " not interested, but delayed, always had to call itself and customized. In the work of a bunch of errors, inaccuracies, had all independently evaluated. Corrected error is also long. When you try to understand why made some mistakes in my opinion (this is the obvious errors), I was told that I do not have a degree to understand these drawings. Now I would already itself all sub-surface metals

Tags: design works, Foundation, drawing

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Bought toothpicks. I thought everything is OK! Made out of shit! Can you imagine! Solid SHIT! Th-th-yay! As so

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