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5 18.05.2020

Ascoli ACDB601WG

Bought a black fridge ACDB601WG. Very pleased with price/quality. For the money, Ascoli apart from the competition, build quality is not inferior to Bosch and SMEG. Runs quietly, noufrost, moisture control and all that should be in a modern refrigerator, it is. To pay only for the brand and is stupid. I'm happy with the purchase completely.

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Refrigerator Ascoli

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Fridge LG GC-269SA - a convenient, compact refrigerator

This refrigerator has served us about 1.5 years. Is sufficiently large, there are shelves on the door, the freezer

Great refrigerator Indesit NBA 16

This refrigerator with us for several years. Very comfortable, practical and reliable. Operates almost silently, NO

Refrigerator ELECTROLUX ENA 38953 X - to be the best dream

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