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Momentum seat 65 LX 2,2-29,5 Evenflo-I did not like. - Review

-3 06.10.2011

Momentum seat 65 LX (2,2-29,5) Evenflo-I did not like.

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Bought for a baby seat in the car. I was disappointed it was because there simply does not fit. Chair hangs from side to side, seat belts and child gets great freedom of action. In general, it does not come to us, even though the design is beautiful.

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Bath Thermometer Duck Kurnosiki lying.

With its main task - the measurement of water temperature, this thermometer can not cope. Once purchased, just noticed

Детская коляска-трость Silver Cross Micro

Sidecars were short-lived because of its very small wheels are not designed for rough roads. Another drawback is very

Children's Circle-pot Avent-not the correct thing!

Have presented to our baby when he was 5 months. Confused that it is plastic, and this material absorbs all the colors

Yule Stellar Sound

Yule Stellar sound I liked in the store is its simplicity and low-key color. Having tried a new toy home for a child,

Children's detergent "Eared nannies" of the Neva Cosmetics, Saint-Petersburg - bad washes.

When the child was born, washed his clothes baby detergent "Eared nannies" - because of the low efficiency of

Tutis Zippy stroller is very expensive!

I do not kolyacka Tutis Zippy ponravilac, otkatala in her baby is already two pochti goda and cleduyuschego child is

Music Machine Radio AutoScan Vehicles

The idea of ​​children's music machine Radio AutoScan Vehicles very good, so his mini-radio station in a vibrant per

Children's Crown/tiara "Pretty"

Bought a child's first communion in kindergarten tiara Chinese firms "Pretty". The party of the tiaras are 2 color

Подгузники Huggies newborn

I tried your little son to buy new diapers Huggies newborn infants. As it turns out there is no helium layer, which

Tent in the bag house "The Golden Toy" is made of a thin lining material

First are now lying around the house from this line of tents. Secondly, the material from which it is made - a thin

ABC of Joy toy bow

Presented us with an aunt, a Birthday, the ABC producer Joy toy. At first, we admired her as the child special

Children's play center Intex 48660 - wasted money

When purchased, thought that children's play center - it is something like a children's pool, only to toys, but

Swing TM "Marian-Plast" pendant - slippery

Buying a baby swing drew attention only on the back and on the membrane, that the child will be comfortable and safe,

Body Milk "Little Fairy" - my niece did not like.

When it was on a visit to his niece bought her baby body lotion Little Fairy. She was glad my gift, wrap it a colorful,

Children's chair chaise Happy Baby Woody with soft toys - a waste of dneg

chaise bought this because it seemed very comfortable, great, and inexpensive cost. Unfortunately, even when the child

Bath Toy Bath Toys "Water Mill" - an interesting toy!

Bath Toys Bath Toys "Water Mill" has a kind of whale, which is in the top of the leechki filled with water,

Country Books Children - the first book my child

of his daughter, I only buy books from this company. Pictures in books are very bright, beautiful, all drawn in detail.

Cutters Avent "Animals", a unique 2 stage Teethers.

Many thanks to the developers of this Teethers. Cutters Avent "Animals" Stage 2 is larger Soothers than

The mattress in the crib Twins Junior Maxi - good for horoscho money

We used a long time - five years, than his two children tried. It does not sink in the place where the child sleeps,

Купили магнитный конструктор для малышей из садика :)

В прошлом году мои мальчишки пошли первый раз в детский садик. Родители все подобрались очень активные и общительные. И

Game cylinder "Cotoons" - a child in delight

Our baby likes to roll it on the floor. Crawling after him. Kicking his legs. Shake the balls out loud. See how they

The carriage of Zico Anmar, Poland - we liked the

in the pram I liked the fact that it is very convenient to roll through the countryside. In general, where the road is

Children's boots shoe factory Mogilev "ShagoVita" warm and comfortable.

Nephew bought winter boots Belarus Mogilev shoe factory "ShagoVita". Very comfortable, karichnevogo color on

Набор Магникон Электропоезд и Лего дупло очень похожи

Раньше покупала только Лего Дупло и его аналоги. Сыну они очень нравятся, он отлично с ними справляется и легко собирает

Children's Wooden Toy stuchalka Wooden Toys

Wooden Kids love igruschki - they play nice, they seem more alive than plastic or metal. We gave my daughter a wooden

Walkers rocking Happy Baby Robin - not a bad thing for active kids

baby walkers bought in 8 months as he has already demanded an active movement in the apartment, and learned to walk so

Pistol "Toys" with disks - he's a good

Pistol "Toys" with drives good. despite the fact that seemingly very sticky and "Chinese". son

Children's designer Lego

Ordered LEGO To view on this website do not even know that their brand is so big. Chose the designer

Whiskered Sailor Cat (TM KIDS, Beijing Rain-Lotus, China), a great toy!

A very interesting toy bought the baby. Côte interactive, depending on the position changes its behavior, lying tells

Starter set "Bakugan (Bakugan)" - like son

Son of 3.5 years, with not descend a set of "Bakugan (Bakugan)", although no stories, no cartoons about the

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