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The car Daewoo Lanos - very popular in Ukraine - Review

3 23.11.2011

The car Daewoo Lanos - very popular in Ukraine

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I think this car deserves the title of People's, because it just would not be riding every other motorist in this country, and the two cars moving on the road, always the same - Daewoo Lanos. This domestic car, really, in many ways outperforms the foreign cars, and most importantly in terms of price / quality as is available in almost any average family.

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My brother bought a new Deo Lanos. It seems everything is fine, but as soon as the car sits 5 people - immediately

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After putting on the right I had to make a choice in purchasing my first, economical and inexpensive car. The choice

DAEWOO Lanus - complete shit!

This car captivated our roads, but unfortunately, this is a very weak car. The frequency of failures is simply amazing,

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Daewwoo Lanos Seanz dear Zaporozhets

A year ago, bought the auto Daewwoo Lanos Seanz (Daewoo Lanos Chance) in Karaganda, the manufacturer ZAZ (Ukraine),

Daewoo Sens

Four days ago, bought on credit is happiness on wheels (previously went to the WHA 2108) in that time modestly traveled

Lanos cars with automatic transmission defective.

Bought Lanos car with automatic transmission. As was stated on the passport, the consumption of gasoline in the city

Daewoo Nexia - cheap car

Bought a new Daewoo Nexia in September 2012, completing 1.6 L, Power Steering, while Hitting 15,000 km. If we compare

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If You are going to buy a car and You had a choice to buy a car Daewoo Matiz Hatchback 1.0 MT or another car. Feel free

Daewoo Lanos foot

I was very much annoyed defective electrical or wiring Daewoo Lanos 1.5 2006 release, pole. Foot light at any time of

The car Daewoo Lanos - comfortable car

I am very serious about choosing the first car. So how much money I had and wanted to ride a beautiful, comfortable and

Daewoo Lanos bought a new (Daewoo Lanos) - no problem!

Over 5 years there was a problem with the battery. Has also been replaced with oil. There are certainly drawbacks, but

DAEWOO Matiz - small but powerful!

Was presented with a birthday DAEWOO Matiz only the assembly line. Was very glad this "small" gift. The

Daewoo Lanos - a reliable budget car

My uncle moonlights as a cab driver on your Daewoo Lanos. She had more than five years, and he has a bad word said

Daewoo Espero - the ratio of the comfort-spending.

If you want to buy cheap, b / in the car, but also want it to be practical and convenient for a new driver, you will

Car Daewoo Nexia

I like our car, which served us for over 6 years. We bought a new one. It is equipped with air conditioning, which

The car Daewoo Matiz - small, but nimble

This car is the best suited for women, a small, but easy to drive and has a small size, very agile. Shop inside is not

Daewoo Espero car is suitable as a first car.

I advise everyone who is still without a car and plans to buy, choose a Daewoo Espero car is not new but very reliable

Deo Lanos - excellent choice!

It has long been using this machine, and quite happy. A neat and nice car. Not a big fuel consumption. Now set the gas

Daewoo Lanos-nice car

Daewoo Lanos.Dannaya machine was tested by me, when I was studying vodit.Mogu to say that it is comfortable enough cute

Daewoo Matiz - a car is not for high speeds, but I like it

In my Matiz was electric mirrors, this option is nominal. Well, in reality, except for a weak level of security flaws

The car Daewoo Matiz - is indispensable for the city!

This maiden machine, can be seen at once! Bright, cheerful colors, attractive designs - everything you need for the

Very small, uncomfortable and slow

I got my license, I decided to buy a car! Long picked up and decided to take this! Daewoo Matiz we took in 2013! At

Daewoo Matiz (Daewoo Matiz) - advantages and disadvantage

I bought a Daewoo Matiz in 2006. Chose an inexpensive machine and at the same time like a foreign car. Very pleased.

DAEWOO MATIZ-a good choice

This car is very suitable for our family. Affordable price combined with the ruggedness of operation. For four years

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