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51070 Bestway pool - Review

-5 28.09.2013

51070 Bestway pool

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

For the summer, along with grandchildren got inflatable kids Bestway splash and play pool model 51070 (Photo 1). In the annotation specified " Deluxe " and " solid, tried and tested vinyl. " First looked perfectly (Photo 2). However, on the first day of 7 holes. Not so durable was vinyl. Then prohudilos′ the bottom of the linoleum good sand (which is really there sheared the lawn), banded bottom two rings (got a roll on one Board). Summer splash and play " not ", and fight for survival. Total summer 16 holes (Photo 3). Summary: an inflatable kiddie pool Bestway-one weekend. Popleskalsâ and threw away.

Tags: 51070, splash and play, Vinyl, bestway, inflatable pool

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