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BB cream Garnier - Review

-5 20.09.2014 | 20 September 2014 at 21:15

BB cream garnier-Hello, pimples!

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Previously, I was the owner of a pretty clear skin. But now I learned what pimples, acne and blackheads in full. "Thank you", a side dish, for your "Wonderful" bb cream garnier! What we are promised by the manufacturer? Yes a lot of things, in particular complexion, and no need to use powder after using this cream. Ah, if. And without powder pores and so much clogged. By the way, we should also mention the complexion after using this tool. It is something! Even if it be carefully shaded, he lays down as uneven pieces chtoli... My repeatedly told me that I have an orange face and that I should change conelco. At first I did not believe them, blinking at what he had done something wrong. But when IT appeared, I immediately made the decision to immediately drop this crap. Making a photo shop, a gift to me because of clogged pores from the use of this "wonder drug".
In General, I do not advise anyone to use this tool, and to flee from the shelves with them as far as possible. By the way, the person I have successfully cured with a simple disclaimer this tool and washings chamomile water, which is effective and simple folk method.

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