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Gel for washing Laundry Grunwelt - Review

5 08.05.2019 | 08 May 2019 at 15:00

Phosphate-free gel GrunWelt. A review after a few washes

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The gel I bought in the online store wildberries, always try to use all eco-innovations, because they are in search of a suitable detergent for our family. From conventional powders and gels I've given that up long ago when there first child was born, now all household chemicals at home extremely safe and environmentally friendly. Your opinion today I want to write about washing gel for color clothes brand GrunWelt.

This German brand, but the gel produced in Russia under the supervision of German specialists, there is good imported quality. In the gel, no dye, it is transparent, with a light floral aroma. The clothes after washing just smells fresh. In the composition GrunWelt no phosphates and phosphonates and no chlorine, optical brighteners and enzymes. This product is safe for people, nature and doesn't spoil clothes. An excellent option for washing clothes of the whole family, suitable for even the smallest. Washes well, although the composition is very soft.

I like this gel, the ratio of price and quality – the best option! Washed them several times already, even baby clothes with stains, and have always received a good result. Recommend.

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