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Гель для стирки Grunwelt бесфосфатный - Review

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Dish " Snow " (Snow)

For cleaning the apartment has become a means for washing Windows and surfaces " Snow " (Snow), and

Adhesive pen ERICH KRAUSE (Erich Krause) - Students will be disappointed

September is approaching, which means it's time to prepare the school stationery. I bought for my schoolgirl

Sealant "GermentMoment" does not fulfill its function.

Who used the sealant "GermentMoment" he will understand me! This means I saw in the advertisement, bought the

Ground coconut fiber Coco Product - not very much

Sam pressed the soil of course is not used. I personally do not like as an additive, because the ground is why it was

Frying Scovo all burnt ...

Bought two pans of this company, and now I regret it. The first month everything is fine, nothing sticks, not burnt.

Pipe cleaning tool KROT

This morning, waiting for me in the bathroom nasty surprise - clogged sink basin. The store bought tool for pipe

Vanish Shampoo for carpets

Bought shampoo for carpets Vanish to brush a soft toy-great white mededâ, which if postiraeš′, not vysušiš′. Cleaned, bu

Disposable pads in the bra Medela bad

I do not like them. They are expensive, sold two pieces, the quality is bad. They do not have enough for a long time.

The service Tea TM "PURPLE" - not worth the attention

Brand unremarkable tea set, gave me such at work, but to me it is not particularly strongly, and then like, looks every

For washing windows and mirrors "Fresh Zone" (Fresh zones) PCC Ltd. "Alabino" - streak!

For washing windows and mirrors "Fresh Zone" (Fresh zones) PCC Ltd. "Alabino" revised steel strong

Orthopedic Mattress Sleep & Fly - very quickly became worthless.

Was left very much satisfied with the operation of orthopedic mattress Sleep & Fly. After a year and a half

Cleaner for tile "Milam"

Familiar advised detergent plates "Milam", they say - everything takes off, clean-plate pure, but you need to

Washing powder E Exotic 2in1 Soft water active pius automatic 400g - the effect of washing Zero

Wash several times with the powder stuff E Exotic 2in1 definitely disappointed in him. And bought it because it

Gel-balm for dishwashing TM "Cinderella" with aloe vera - very liquid means!

Gel-balm for dishwashing TM "Cinderella" with aloe vera did not like, because it is very liquid means it is

Lip Shine Silver

Recently I bought a shoe shine sponge firm Silver. The first impression was good, all good shoes shone, but enough of

Means of protection against mold Neomid - BIO repair (Neohim, St. Petersburg) - excellent kill mold in wet areas

Many well known problem of mold in the bathroom. This tool effectively treats mold reproduction. The manufacturer

Means for washing machines Calgon - a great tool.

After purchasing a washing machine, in order to save her was to add each wash Calgon. No significant results, of

Table set by SHAPE VINZER (Switzerland) - fine flatware

flatware set SHAPE gave us friends, in a set of 24 items was to leave for the holidays we do not have, and immediately

Containers for storage of cereals Demirel plastik Saver Box is very handy.

I use for storage of large plastic containers, they are nice and always see what is stored in them. I think it's

Tissue TM "Miss Bock" Universal Cleaning Microfiber - good

These wipes have appeared in the house by her husband, he bought them by accident, and now as they tried to wipe the

Bucket Gipfel 2453 - easy to use.

I really liked the bucket Gipfel 2453 for its convenience and originality. Cooking in a bucket is a pleasure. In

Washing Powder "Eared nannies" - a good powder.

I like the use detergent "Eared nannies!" Fully satisfied with the quality of laundry! This is the only

Seeds of carrot TM "Gavrish" Red Giant Risen Rothe 2r - good seeds, good sort of

several years already take this sort of carrot seeds. Despite the fact that upakovochke them a bit, but they

Detergent TM "Dreco" black pearl, 1,5 l - a good remedy for dark things

Wash dark things trust means a liquid black pearl, it is very effective washes things, while retaining their color.

Potato masher "Regent inox" - its fun to cook sauce

potato masher, this is very easy to use, it is easy, but it mashed crush - no problem, flexing well, do not leave any

Cloth-Microfiber Ultra long Paterra for contamination - use user-friendly

microfibre cloth «Paterra» left more than satisfied, I really like that it can help to clean off any dirt literally, t

Bundtform BEKKER - an amazing invention

Wife just delighted with these forms, such as they are similar to rubber, and even scared to put them in the oven. But

A knife for cleaning fish Kuchenprofi-a great thing.

My husband often goes fishing and brings a lot of catch. To eat it is very nice, as is preparing a beloved husband, but

Pan-bucket Rondell Creative RDS-034 - I hope not fail

Recently bought a saucepan. I think, even if only one would be expensive and high-quality, and that I have all the

Batteries Duracell - the most long-lasting batteries.

After many attempts to select the ideal batteries for toys and household appliances, batteries have become deservedly

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