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Blender Tefal HB 7011 multifunctional and comfortable. - Review

3 24.02.2012

Blender Tefal HB 7011 multifunctional and comfortable.

Blender Tefal HB 7011 was presented to his wife's birthday. Very convenient and irreplaceable in the kitchen. If you cook for a few people, it is indispensable, and for the blanks in the winter is better to take a food processor. With the blender easy to cook and easy to clean, takes up little space.

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Food Processor Tefal Store'Inn DO208 uncomfortable and ill-conceived.

Food Processor Tefal Store'Inn DO208 got me a gift at work. For three months trying to use it for other purposes.

Steamer Tefal VS 7001 - a great helper in the kitchen.

Steamer Tefal VS 7001 proven itself in operation. It is easy to prepare and fuels products. Quality equipment is good.

Kettle Philips HD 4659/55 a convenient and reliable.

Maker Philips HD 4659/55 we have a couple of years. Capacity - 1.7 liters, fast boil. There is a built-in filter on the

Airlife done, tried

Really enjoyed working with the "Airlife", namely the seller and craftsmen for installation. The seller on the phone

Kenwood BM 350 - good and inexpensive BREAD!

Kenwood BM 350 - a good bread maker! Bread turns it tasty and crispy. I use it for the dough, cakes, muffins and jam.

Cooker Gorenje GI 439 E

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My husband has presented on March 8 mixer ZELMER 481.67 Symbio. Power: 400 watts. Volume of Bowl: 3 liters. 5-speed.

BREAD Panasonik SD-256 - perfect knead the dough and bakes bread

Breadmaker Panasonik SD-256 gave me a husband, I have long dreamed about it. With the bread machine is now easy to

Mincer Moulinex ME 6051 HV 8. The best chopper.

On the day of birth of colleagues at work gave me a meat grinder Moulinex ME 6051 HV 8. This is an indispensable item

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