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Feeding bottles the Sun and the Moon - Review

5 01.10.2016

The bottle is the Sun and the Moon is very pleased

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With the birth of a child begin to understand everything in the world. Before buying bridesmaids as a gift for baby bottles and even ever wondered what a neck, what a hole, what is the volume. But my friend was much more advanced than me in this matter and advised me for my baby a bottle the Sun and the Moon. A wonderful thing, I tell you. Actually my baby is on breast milk, but at 4 months I started giving him purees and juices, for 6 months juice is poured over 100ml a day. Here we handy our wonderful bottle.
Very convenient that she has a wide neck, because washing a long and narrow bottle is very uncomfortable, and the Sun and the Moon I easily pass the fingers with the sponge. It also closes very easily and tightly, even if you turn the bottle, that often makes my baby effortlessly, nothing runs.
Silicone nipple, baby I even ate her a few times, the material is very durable, nipple survived the attack))). And if you consider the price of the bottle, it is just perfect. Me in all suits. Now look to the children Sun and Moon.

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