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Трусики подгузники Predo baby - Review

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Wet Wipes "Eared nannies"

Purchased for your baby wipes "Eared nannies." And they did not like me. Napkins are made from bad material,

Cotton buds Lady Care.

Bought hygiene cotton buds Lady Care, cleaning ears and noses detyam.Schitayu that using them is not safe, as fleece

Электрощетка Colgate Sponge Bob

Dental " Colgate this Sponge Bob " for children, is too stiff bristles, which clearly is not intended

Shampoo "tip-top" irritates eyes baby

My child, I prefer to buy domestically produced goods, because I think they are safer. That shampoos always buy our

Baby soothing lotion ("Floresan»)

I can't recommend for quick help for sunburn baby soothing lotion (manufacturer-LLC «Floresan ", Russia, Moscow).

Means for bath and shower Pomme D'Api from Yves Rocher - your child did not like!

We have presented a birthday tool for bath and shower Pomme D'Api from Yves Rocher, did not like either me or the

Spray mosquito Arnest Picnic Baby (Picnic Beybі) - half an hour does not work.

Buy mosquito spray Arnest Picnic Baby (Picnic Beybі) to travel with the child to nature. Sam spray has an unpleasant

Wet wipes Baby Line Sensitive (Baby Line Sesetiv) - Very dry!

Wet wipes Baby Line Sensitive (Baby Line Sesetiv) did not like the fact they were too dry in the package. It was

LILI wet wipes

Wet wipes for children with chamomile extract LILI produced "Invista", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine I did not like. They're

Подгузники-трусики Helen Harper Pants

Diapers-Helen Harper panties Pants I bought at a discount-on trial. Maybe they are good, but too thick and

Wet wipes Molfix

Realized that without wet wipes modern mom can not do, though it was ardent opponent using them in the care of

Huggies Ultra Comfort Diapers

After using diapers Huggies Ultra Comfort I had a negative opinion about them. They do not absorb moisture and odor

Wipes Pampers Sensitiv, LLC Procter & Gamble. Moscow - not suitable for newborn skin.

I bought skincare son wipes Pampers Sensitiv, as the manufacturer promises that they are hypo-allergenic, suitable for

Libero Eco Tech Baby Soft

I bought a baby diaper Libero Eco Tech Baby Soft thanks to the description on the packaging, where it is said that they

Подгузники Pampers active baby

I bought recently a baby Pampers active baby, until then we have others, but our in store. Looking like anything: thin,

Shampoo Bubchen swimming baby turned into a pleasure.

Shampoo Bubchen bought for her nephew. Bathing and washing of the head, it was a real problem for him. And with this

Bepanten Ointment 5% of diaper dermatitis

When the child was born, I did not enjoy it at first. We used a coca-cream under the diaper, but the ass and folds were

Powder Eared nannies really takes all the stains on clothes

baby at birth often have to wash your hands, especially difficult stains. We chose the powder Eared nurses who actually

Shampoo Phyto Phytomiel - A good baby shampoo!

Shampoo Phyto Phytomiel was a very good baby shampoo! It has a neutral smell, excellent foaming and well washed with

Buy Children of diaper rash cream SANOSAN (a diaper) and forget about diaper rash)))

How much time have caused headaches for intertrigo daughter. So it was a pity! Nothing has helped. And then the doctor

Gel for cleaning the baby, "My Sun" - from birth!

More in pregnancy raised the question - what to wash away the child, as not all means are suitable to kids from 0 days.

Gel-foam Drakosha for bathing babies since the first days of life without tears, 240ml - a good tool

Gel-foam "dragon" has recently bought for her rebyatenka, but estimated it at its true worth, it is perfectly

Cotton Buds Johnson's baby - the daily care of the baby's delicate skin

When we had a baby cotton buds Johnson's baby become indispensable to us for child care. While the wound is healed

The organic liquid vehicle Sodasan Color-sensitiv for sensitive skin - Excellent tool!

Organic liquid vehicle Sodasan Color-sensitiv for sensitive skin has a pleasant smell and washes all the stains from

Shampoo + Shower Gel Sanosan for children with the scent of banana 200ml - Soft

me immediately with the first use of a shampoo Sanosan liked the soft texture, it is gentle and very light foam forms,

Protective Cream with Panthenol Sanosan baby by LLC "Mann and Schroeder Russland" - it helps not only my child but me

Most recently, I first tried the protective panthenol cream with Sanosan baby company LLC "Mann and Schroeder,

Wipes Johnsons baby is well cleaned and smelled delicious

On the walk-and-away, it is important to handle and face the baby wipes were chistymi.Upakovka Johnsons baby pleases

Powder Baby line for sensitive skin in the diaper 100g - helps

For less than a year, as we take this powder, so that the baby diaper did not arise, the result is very happy, perfect

Wipes Aura Sun and Moon - are pungent smell

The sharp smell of one of the few downsides of data wipes. Also, I do not like velcro: sticky barely kept up to half of

Bath Gift Set "Winx" a great gift for the girl.

In holiday gift bought my daughter a gift set for bath "Winx" in a beautiful transparent bag. In the bag were

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