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Centrifugeuse Clatronic AE 2758 - Review

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Wanted tasty and quickly turned out to be expensive and stupid

Bought a week ago, multiverse Rotex. Dissatisfied with the purchase brand. Like the miracle of the unit, and ended up

Termokruzhka Kaiserhof Termokruzhka - up thermos nedotyagivaet

Bottle is very practical. Coffee them cool down for about an hour or even two. Often take with me into the car, so as

on a gas cooker "Gorenie G75" is not possible to cook.

It is not like cooking on a gas cooker "Gorenie G75" because it's not all smooth side burns and the other

Ariston Refrigerator 6000 very much abuzz.

During the renovation, it was decided to replace an old refrigerator and a new choice was 6000 Ariston is ideally fit

freezer Ariston RN-942 is not able to freeze anything.

It took an extra freezer took a firm Ariston RN-942 has very much liked his appearance, but the flow actually turned

SCARLET chopper manufacturer firm "HOLDING CORP ARIMA" United Kingdom - and the twist is abuzz with difficulty.

I bought a meat grinder firm SCARLET, assembled in China, and not very happy. If the twist is slightly frozen meat is

Microwave LG - noisy

Microwave LG MS - 2342A worked in the normal state is not more than 3 months. Then came a strange sound, one might even

Minsk Refrigerator

A few years ago bought a refrigerator Minsk. It works fine, but in the freezer quickly freezes the snow coat. Often

Blender "Scarlet" with its functions can not cope

We bought a blender "Scarlet", the seller is assured that he copes with the grinder and mixer functions, and

Surface Ardo BH 40 AX ("Ardo", Italy) - the quality of pumped up.

Bought a kitchen surface. If you are using does not like free rotation of the handle, that is, a child can turn the

The Le Chef ice maker ZB-08

I love to make different cocktails but always need ice and for that purpose I bought the Le Chef ice maker ZB-08 and

Gas stove Mirta 3401 BG - shit!

This gas furnace is suitable in its characteristics. the stove Soviet times - frequent gas leaks and damage the oven!

Blender Philips HR 1371 burned.

Three months ago, my wife decided to make a small gift and bought a blender Philips HR 1371. Used it so often.

Kitchen scales SCARLETT SC-1211 (Scarlett SC-1211) - use torture

Propolzovavshis kitchen scales SCARLETT SC-1211 (Scarlett SC-1211) for six months, I regret at all about their

Steamer Scarlett SC-142

Steamer Scarlett SC-142 simple and not elaborate steamer, with its shortcomings. Most in this model steamers I miss the

bread maker Kenwood BM250 - excellent shopping

Bought Bread Maker Kenwood BM250. Magazine do not eat bread for a long time, it is no longer bread, but baked in a new

Bread SD-2501WTS, Panasonic - bread and pastries - Yum

breadmaker model SD-2501WTS, Panasonic I was fascinated, firstly a large selection of various programs baking bread -

Food Processor Kenwood FP 270 - capable of doing all

Food Processor Kenwood FP 270 has become an integral part of our cuisine. It helps in making almost all the dishes -

Gas oven ZANUSSI ZCG55GGW - super!

I bought this stove three years ago and while it is fully satisfied! The stove gives perfect gas, with no

Bread Rolsen RBM-1309 a convenient, simple operation.

Bread Rolsen RBM-1309, we have six months. So many recipes, easy to use, the bread is always fresh. There are recipes

Fridge Indesit JT510 impression the first time.

Old Orsk said dosvidaniya refrigerator and no longer involved, we had to buy another new one, this became Indesit JT510

Grinder Braun Power Plus G1500 pleased with the first minutes of work.

From the first moment as a grinder Braun Power Plus G1500 appeared at my disposal, I can not get enough of. The

fridge indesit TP5019 is very quiet.

Home bought a new refrigerator indesit TP5019 is very pleased with their work, can not hear quiet when switched on when

Breadmaker Breadmaker kenwood bm250 a great thing!

It has long been wanted bread maker, at the end decided to buy! They began to choose the model looked a lot of sites on

Good microwave SAMSUNG M-187 DMR

At work, there was no stove to heat up dinner, we decided to chip in and buy a microwave. Our choice was the first

Refrigerator Electrolux ERB 36233 W stood in the kitchen like a glove.

Long sought a refrigerator with the best opportunities. And online store six months ago found it. This model Electrolux

yogurtnitsa Moulinex YG230 shop makes delicious masterpieces.

This yogurtnitsa Moulinex YG230 compared to many other household appliances in this series seemed to me better and more

Kitchen blender BRAUN MR5550, comfortable and copes with its task.

So far this blender suits. Functions like the rest, but in this blender, comfortable handle, easy to switch modes to

Waffle FIRST FA-5300 - My assistant!

Remains satisfied with her purchase! Wafers are obtained in the form of hearts, then they can be watered jam, condensed

Tefal Frying pan 15 122 Evidence Black 22 cm pancake.

I love to cook pancakes. My husband gave me a pancake pan, Tefal Evidence Black 15 122 22 cm pancakes fried in uniform

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