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Tea Interview - Review

5 19.07.2012

Tea Talk "Delicate jasmine"

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Usually I drink tea bags at work, I prefer to experiment and each take different tastes. Once purchased green tea with jasmine petals Interview ... I was struck by the taste, this unusual combination, I have not tried. And the bags handy - have fallen to the bottom and you calmly drinking tea, no strings do not interfere.

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Green Tea TM "Ahmad Tea" "Fine tea Collection" with Jasmine - I do not like its flavor

The smell of this tea is very unpleasant, there is nothing good in it, it smells like jasmine, a common grass, no odor,

Oolong tea is fermented Arishan Rui Li Milk Oolong Tea (Unroasted) - I do not like too much

Oolong Tea've tasted at a party with a friend, ordering these teas through the Internet. Green tea, a beautiful

Princess Tea Java Tea Chinese green bags baikhovi tvratitelny taste and no odor.

Princess Tea Java Tea Chinese green baikhovi bags bought at work. Brewed with boiling water and decided to enjoy the

Tea Ahmad Tea Winter Prune black sheet prunes 100g Winter - not very tasty

Ahmad Tea has always been famous for good taste and aroma of the drink. But when I tried the black tea with dried

Tea "Kama Sutra" rosehips and hibiscus - one color, not tea!

My wife is very fond of tea with hibiscus, I bought a tea company from the "Kama Sutra" and very

Tea Lipton Yellow label Black baikhovi + collection cup - not impressed

To tell you the truth, acquired solely for the tea cup, but when they began to drink, and immediately understood for

Black leaf tea Gr @ ce! "Zlatoglavaya Moscow" is not a delicious Tea

Black Tea Leaf Gr @ ce! "Zlatoglavaya Moscow." I prefer sheet than the granular. But this tea is not anything

Tea Hyleys Strawberries and cream - somewhat artificial scent

I always prefer this brand teas, but in the classic version without additives, and then decided that we should try

Tea Tess PINA COLADA - green tea drink purely chemical.

Tea Tess PINA COLADA - green tea is bought on trial, it is very beautiful packaging. If you have brewing flavorful

Tea "Ahmad" is getting worse and worse.

I remember a few years ago, "Ahmad" was a pretty good tea, is now either in a store selling fake, or

AHMAD Tea Green tea has not given any taste or odor.

AHMAD Tea Green tea is bought for the first time. As it is not inspired me with your taste and aroma, as neither the

Tea TM "Vitatsentr" linden flowers 20pak * 1.5 g - far from natural

Linden tea not only is delicious, but also useful. Usually dry the natural color of lime, but last year linden blossom

Loyd Tea in pyramids with cinnamon and plum

I bought to try tea pyramids Loyd with cinnamon and plum, I can not say that the very poor, as it is for the amateur.

Tea Lipton Nature Green: brewed and cooled tinted and sweetened waters.

Tea Lipton Nature Green: brewed and cooled just surprised. I took it to the test. Thought that drinking just a little

Hilltop Japanese linden tea - not tasty.

Tea Hilltop Japanese linden, in my opinion, not very tasty to drink it I did not like. Tea is too lime smell, the smell

Tea "Greenfield" Gold Ceylon strong and rich flavor

Tea "Greenfield" Gold Ceylon - my favorite tea. It has a very strong and full of flavor and aroma of this

Greenfield Tea Black Magic Yunnan large-Chinese - great taste

This is one of the most delicious and aromatic teas, which can be found on the shelves. I like the brewing of his get

Black Tea Ahmad Tea "Fine tea Collection" English Breakfast, 100 g in g / pot - very tasty

Excellent tea, drink it as a family, it is so fragrant that you can not resist this wonderful drink, brewing it.

Tea Ahmad Tea Mint Cocktail herb with mint and lemon 20P * 1,5 g - nice refreshing

An excellent herbal tea with mint and Lomonosov Ahmad Tea Mint Cocktail in the summer heat, he has a light, refreshing,

Tetley tea without caffeine - is useful for children and parents

Tetley tea without caffeine is very useful, and we buy it, despite the cost. After the usual tea, drunk on the night of

Green tea with mint Conversation

Many will say that for the price you can judge the product. I do not think so. And here's the proof - tea

Green tea "conversation" with raspberries

Very good taste. Raspberry leaves give green tea a feature spicy. Tea is very refreshing and toning.

Tea Yellow Label Tea by Lipton - is really number 1

Tea from Lipton is always of excellent quality. I've tried lots of different teas from different manufacturers, but

Tea beverage "Camellia Sibirika" from "Siberian Health" - an unforgettable experience taste

Our family - big fans of green tea. We almost did not drink black tea, prefer floral and green teas. We love to change

Green Tea Ahmad Tea - a useful tea

Catching up on fitness, tried after school in the juice bar green tea, which I liked. Especially since I have heard a

Black tea from TM "Red Label" - delicious!

The Black Hour is very fragrant. The price for it is quite low, I would say - the average, but the quality of tea

Big leaf tea, Dilmah - super!

This tea - one of the best large-teas, which are sold at average prices! Tea has a decent Strength and freshness of the

"Conversation" with currants very good

Good Tea, always buy it. In the summer it's great thirst quencher, especially if you make it with lemon and keep in

Tea Greenfield Barberry Garden (Barberry) need to drink.

First tasted tea Greenfield Barberry Garden, decided that it is completely tasteless. It seems that the sweet drink

Tea Talk Strawberry Fields - a taste of summer

Decided to diversify his collection of tea conversation, I bought another one, Wild Strawberries. And have not

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