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Cheese sausage Bashtanka - Review

4 20.06.2012

Cheese Sausage "Bashtanka" smoked - delicious!

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Cheese Sausage "Bashtanka" smoked quite good and the taste is much better than many hard cheeses and sausages at a price of cheese is many times cheaper. Yes, and the composition of this product very good and do not worry it does not!

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Kefir Voloshkove field, terrible!

I do not like yogurt this manufacturer! Drinking is not nice, very thin, bitter, very sour, with a strange smell! And

Granular curd "Cheese tradition of" TM "President" (Lactalis-Ukraine, Ltd.) - dryish

I do not like me, this cottage is absolutely because of the consistency he was already very dry and it was impossible

Cottage cheese bar of "Syrkon" "truffle." There is nothing natural.

Children's for sure is not. It curds, it is difficult to name. Instead in the curd - cheese product, instead of

Molochna birthplace of sour cream 21% fat - not like

When buying dairy products, then first thing I look is not whether the product has expired since taking the milk mostly

Milk dairy factory Volovské Volgograd is not clear in the damask.

Milk dairy factory Volovské Volgograd is not clear in the damask. Their number is always different. It looks like

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Kefir "Little House in the village of" 3.2% - not much.

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ice-cream "Gold Bar", creme brulee with boiled condensed milk

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Condensed milk from "Horodotska MCC" - at 90% of vegetable fats

Very rarely can buy a really good and useful product. Recently acquired sgschenku "Horodotska IWC" since no

Condensed milk with sugar and cocoa, "Korovkin," Company "Lubinsky Dairy" - thin and tasteless.

Condensed milk with cocoa - my favorite treats from childhood. I bought a jar of "Korovkin," to soak cakes

Maslyanka Carpathian from TM "Galicia" (Ukraine) - tasty and healthy

tried all the flavors: classic, vanilla, cranberry (a favorite), blueberries (favorite), and honey with Melissa. Each

Sour cream Savushkin product "Brest-Litovsk" - A good cream!

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Cheese rosiyskoy PAO "Dubnomoloko" - the classic taste of real cheese

Cheese rosiyskoy always buy because it is relatively not as sharp and salty, like others, has a fairly strong taste

Drinking yogurt from TM "White Line" - nutritious!

The drinkable yogurt is quite good in their nutritional properties and it perfectly satisfies your hunger. Based on its

TM "Buttermilk" milk yummy

When I was pregnant and breast-fed until I was drawn to the milk (up to 2 liters per day), I distinguish flavors of

Curd TM "pet" - a wonderful natural product

Cheese weight TM "pet" is a favorite evening treat my son. And I must say quite invisible! The taste is

Favorite Ice Cream Raspberry Jam (Lasunka) - delicious.

Recently, we have the whole family tried a new favorite ice cream, raspberry jam (Lasunka). Everyone, without

Very cool cottage cheese, and most useful for athletes.

This cheese sit a year. Just scream direct analogs of the parameters of the price-quality on the Russian market there!

Cheese of the Adyghe Hercules - health for the whole family

buy this cheese all the time. He is a vegetarian, does not contain rennet, so for the sake of its manufacture did not

Yoghurt with blueberry "Buttermilk", JSC Company "Unimilk" Russia - thick and real blueberries.

I love thick yogurt "Buttermilk" with blueberries, fat 2.5% - the taste amazing! Blueberries in it is a real,

Triumph Azhur Sorbet Strawberry - well, very tasty!

The other day, going to the store with my daughter, we bought ice cream Strawberry Sorbet Triumph Openwork. This

Ice TM "Filevskaya" Gourmand 90g butter - natural

Ice cream is very tasty, I liked that it does not contain pieces of ice, on the contrary, very much like a natural

Dairy Buttermilk - Natural

My family loves dairy products. Before buying in the market, but now there was Buttermilk. The market is dangerous to

BioBalans yogurt - yummy!

Very tasty and not expensive bioygurt and very few calories. Now I sit on a diet, every day of his drink. There's

Sernurskiy cheese

Ordered different types of cheese: hard, salty, soft, young. Consultant store details talked about cheese, and other

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