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5 14.05.2019

Honest company

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On the advice of a friend decided to increase their funds and invested in the company Rogatives. Company honest working good people. Payment is received on time, without delay. Recommend!

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Pitfalls of cockroaches Raptor does not help.

Cockroaches at home was already 10 years-Th. It was rumored that this is due to the bad environment in the city. But a

Glue stick INDEX (index) no glues!

Glue stick INDEX (index) no glues! Seal up the book for a child to pieces the next day. Make application of colored

Pad for hair straightening Scarlett SC-069 - Bad!

Sometimes you want to make your hair completely straight. To this end, I bought a pad for hair straightening Scarlett

The Volga River in Tver

Very dirty, I do not know how parents let their children go to splash! I'm in the area of ​​public beach has gone in


Sorry for the money spent, he couldn't insure but you will be able. do not contact the company Gefest

Cigarette brand "Parlament" a stink!

I do not like smoking cigarettes especially when the brand "Parlament" very much they are smelly, I'm not

Booklet Bindstream M08 + by the faulty ProfiOffice survivor in the office.

Booklet brand ProfiOffice. Model Bindstream M08 + served only three years. Some faults can not use it effectively. It

Sony Xperia Sola MT27

In General phone Sony Xperia Sola MT27 is a collection of some drawbacks: 1. Plastic stinks. 2. interlocutor is not too

Shish kebab and ice cream at the Open Day at the military airport in Tver Migalovo

tasteless and expensive kebab sold at the airport on the day of open doors, and the ice cream was melted, but the

Knives BergHOFF Forged - 7 knives is a bust, and the two would have sufficed.

Bought a set of 7 different knives in a wooden stand. After some time, decided that taking a set of awkward, because we

miniature car brand "Lexus IS200" from "BabyBoy" began to peel off just standing on the shelf.

He took to his collection of miniature car brand "Lexus IS200" from "BabyBoy" which looks really

Washing powder BiMax 100 automatic spots - washes the other powders, but the smell is awful

This washes the powder stains on the level of the average price of powder. But I do not like the blue pellets ish so


How got snow. Again sprinkle well as possible

Bought clothes, was a very bad

Not so long ago bought a set of thermal underwear Lopoma. The promotional text is a phrase - "a lot of positive

Cleaner plumbing Econel

Acquired cleaner plumbing Econel and once again that: low price - poor quality! Absolutely nothing is clean, everything

The best natural mattress!

On the website the Consul, I ordered the mattress twice. The first time I bought, a year later, parents buying for a

Liquid Stain Vanish Oxi Action - always at hand

Baby I sports, so any spots are endless. It is clear that the biggest problem with the laundry in the football season.

Washing powder Mara just surprised!

After another rise in prices of imported goods had to use a powder of the domestic production of Mara. Honestly I was

School of art Studio on the Garden Paspartu

I'm about to learn drawing with watercolor, so this course for me was a godsend. I will not say that without

Excellent gardening equipment champion

Put technology champion 5 on a 5-point scale. Really, the perfect combination of quality and price. Everything you need

great video from the air

I have a few months ago was the wedding. And my husband ordered the Air shooting pictures from the air. So the other


Itself drink zero diet for 2 weeks, but my sister drank it for about two months and it's right in the eyes was varied.

Quality tool

I really liked Bestex. My wife and I spent months fighting bedbugs which only means it, even fervently tried to kick

Repair of Swiss watches

Thank you for the repair. Wore this watch in two of the service center, but the wizard didn't want to take for


Great community site for artists, designers, flash programmers. It contains classes for working with graphics programs

BIZONAMAZON. Selling products on Amazon.

Been thinking about what you need to start to work remotely, to have your own business, and control everything via the

Great dry cleaning, I recommend

The work of prima-KLINING I'm happy! All high quality and in a timely manner!Once again thank you very much!

Chic countertop

When I decided to replace the worktop on marble, then turned to the company Agrostroy on the advice of a friend who has


Good evening! The world to travel I just love and time I have plenty, so buying tickets is cheaper for me very

a great way to spend time

Sometimes at work, sometimes there is nothing to do to pass the time playing online games. On plenty of

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