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Cleaning " Cleaning " - Review

-4 27.10.2013

Cleaning " Cleaning "

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Cleaning " Cleaning " from UAB " akrikhin " claimed for cleaning of bathroom and toilet. Inexpensive tool package, reminiscent of the Soviet " " Closets. Promised that " Health " remove the lime scale and rust. But he only lightly cleans the surface. With the touch of the toilet is better, but the rust he clearly too.

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CIF Cream неэффективен

CIF Cream cleaner does not cope with prigorevšim fat and scaled, as promised on the label. She tried to smear and leave

Cleaner Pemolyuks Soda Effect 3 - the same soda, only more expensive.

Cleaner Pemolyuks Soda Effect 3 is not impressed. Wear gloves to work with him is impossible - spoil hands. As part of

" " Čistâŝee means the Clinox Tescoma.

Modern stainless steel cookware can be washed, but not all cleaning products. But some manufacturers are producing the

Cleaner Biolan juicy lemon - adds patches.

Cleaner Biolan Luscious Lemon bought for cleaning the stove and sink. It stood at the sink, and on it, of course,

Чистящее средство Cillit Lime&Rust

Cleaning product Cillit Lime & Rust I purchased about a month ago. In General, not very this tool I liked rust

Sanfor cleaner gel (Sanfor gel) - has not produced any effect

Sanfor cleaner gel (Sanfor gel) was quite inefficient for cleaning surfaces with greasy dirt and to remove limescale

Cleaner ultra-Sanoks does not clean.

Cleaner Sanoks-ultra in the oxalic acid, which should quickly clear the limescale, but it flooded half the bottle into

Cleaner Domestos (Domestos) - enamel paints.

Cleaner Domestos (Domestos) in itself is green, but in contact with the water changes its color to blue. So wash it has

Sanita cleaner does not clean

Bought a "miracle tool" Sanita "Cleaning Elixir glitter of metal" for its beautiful stainless kitchen sinks and

Cleaner "magic plate"

When every day prices in the shops are getting higher and higher, the will-nilly start looking budget. Decided to try

Cleaner Cif Cream

Last week bought cleaner Cif Cream and I can already say that my impression is negative. First, scratch the surface to

Cleaner Cillit rust from Company "Reckitt Benckiser" takes the whole not rust.

I can not say that this is such a bad way. With it removed the rust spots with a white shell. However, it was necessary

Cillit patina and rust inefficient

Widely publicized cleaner Cillit limescale and rust badly removes rust, even if the huge effort. One hasty and not

Rivex antibacterial bath

Bought in the supermarket means for cleaning baths, toilets and other surfaces "Rivex antibacterial bath". It happens

Cleaner Cillit Bang - get rid of blemishes, but not from the mold.

Cillit Bang is well helped me clean the tile in the bathroom on the spot, but between the tiles remained black mold!

Cleaner "Magic High-Tech Cleaning Compound Super Clean Slimy Gel" - an interesting idea!

Cleaner "Magic High-Tech Cleaning Compound Super Clean Slimy Gel" is a fairly elastic jelly-like ball of

Cleaner Toilet "Toilet Duck 5 in a sea" effective and convenient.

To ensure the cleanliness of the tuaete, bought a toilet bowl cleaner "Toilet Duck 5 in a sea" of the company

Cleaner Amway LOC Plus Soft Cleanser - Good stuff!

Cleaner Amway LOC Plus Soft Cleanser is easy to cope with any stains in the bathroom and the kitchen! I use it for

Cleaner with sprayer Help "Net pool" (500ml) - A good tool!

Cleaner with sprayer Help "Net pool" (500ml) excellent removes any impurities from the surface of a bathtub

Cleaner "Adrilan" from the company "Adria and K" - is very helpful for rust

Our house is almost 30 years, and all the pipes have not changed, respectively, and the water flows very rusty. Bath

Cleaner Sanfor Universal - Efficient tool!

Sanfor Universal Cleaner I use for cleaning sinks and stoves. just paint a vehicle, and after 5 minutes, wash off.

Cleaning and Care Help for the oven by LLC "Alfatehform" wash off any fat!

To be honest, do not even suspect that there is a tool that wash off my oven. There was a stagnant layer of fat. And

Cleaner "Schumann" from Bugs - cleanse all

As I wrote in the title, cleaned everything, even the old burnt oil. But they need to use very carefully - it is very

Liquid detergent «LOSK Color Gel" - now I will only use them.

I bought a universal concentrated liquid detergent «LOSK Color Gel." She decided to try it, instead of washing

Toilet Paper TM "Zewa" plus a white 2-ply roll of 4 - excellent quality

This toilet paper is not the cheapest, but also its quality at a decent level, it is very good, very dense, it is felt

Washing powder FeedBack COLOR Automat - a quality wash.

In the past year, my wife is addicted to use during washing detergent FeedBack COLOR Automat. As she reviews the powder

Kettle Bekker Koch BK-S366M - One of the best!

My friend kettle Bekker Koch BK-S366M, I really like it too! It is very easy to clean, has a beautiful appearance and a

Silicone spatula cooking Bekker - indispensable in the kitchen.

Recently, I cook for scorodite with non-stick coating. Therefore, the old iron blades are not suitable. But silicone

Scissors Economix Steel line must be on the table

I very much like scissors Economix, Series Steel line. They are small and at first glance seem weak, but they can be

Plate TM "Gotoff" orange - very comfortable and beautiful

We are a naborchik such plates in daily use, enjoy their rich color, very pleasing to the eye, and even any food in

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