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Cleansing Gel Garnier skin naturals - Review

-5 10.12.2013

Cleansing gel Garnier

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I have skin that applies to normal type. Therefore, the choice of means for it has never been a problem. As a cleansing agent gel foam took Garnier Skin Naturals " CJSC from the L ' Oréal ". After washing the Crema, immediately feeling terrible tightness of the skin as if it dried. To restore its State, it is necessary to put a powerful nourishing cream.

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gel cleanser actually be softly and gently cleanses the face, the same effect is the opposite. The impression is that

Cleansing Gel Garnier skin naturals

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Before and after bleaching cream should be disposed with natural whitening complex with Lumisphere, maker of CJSC

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Face Mask Garnier SKIN NATURALS steamed-great mask.

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Like a drying mask in Belarus. Nice texture, well-applied. The skin is really dried, but do not desiccate. After

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Cosmetic milk with chamomile, Mirielle, BelKosmex - quickly and does not sting

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Good cleans pores and smoothes the skin

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mineral powder of Vichy

Acquired mineral powder in the pharmacy company Vichy.Ochen like it! No impression of "flour" on the face,

Nourishing cream mask for the face, "Black currant and yogurt" from Oriflame - nice texture and smell

mask like its delicate texture and smell. It is put very well, absorbs quickly. Enough of this mask for a long period,

Garnier Pure Skin Tonic asset - good clean pores

Using tonic is fast and convenient, the more you can do this at any time, by necessity, it is perfectly cleanses the

Milk and Tonic BELKOSMEX Mirielle, leaves no greasy film on your face.

I do not really like makeup remover because of the properties left to face the unpleasant sensation of occluded and

A lotion for removing eye make-up Garnier (Poland) - washes well and is very economical

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I have almost all cosmetic facial allergy, and from this there probably is what it says. Special effect I did not see,

Milk Makeup Remover takes off even the Garnier-resistant makeup.

Milk Makeup Remover Garnier-* - this is a great makeup remover. Do not irritate my sensitive eyes, effortlessly washes

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Cream Black Pearl - activator protein youth Vita-SIRTUIN 15x-best

Cream Black Pearl bought 3 months ago - great experience. During this period, a clear effect was seen. I knew before,

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