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Decanal - Review

5 07.04.2019

DEXONA-the best pain reliever

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Sick the tooth, and I got to the dentist only after 2 days. Had to go to the pharmacy for painkillers. The pharmacist advised me Dexona, they say, a good tool and works quickly. Decided to buy, do not regret it by the way. Really, very effectively removing pain. Bought another package, even in the first aid kit just in case is.

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I frankly do not like the consistency of the cream: the feeling that it is diluted with tap water. Well, just bent tube

Tablets Lisak don't help.

Bought from the throat tablets Lisak from PJSC Farmak with lemon. In the first of these are very tart, after them

Lûgol′ you cannot use the eucalyptus Lûgs

After the first application of solution Lûgs eucalyptus lûgol′, was under the impression that I got a chemical burn the

Dexalgin, tablets, BERLIN-CHEMIE

Bought as a painkiller, Dexalgin, tablets, BERLIN-CHEMIE, the action was not any, back pain never took place. But after

Balsam " Zìročka " in the stomach does not help

I strongly attacking mosquitoes. In the pharmacy offered from itching-itching cream " Zìročka " p

Korvaldin cause severe drowsiness.

I eat with nervous disorders, and cardiovascular system. Occasionally have to take the drug sometimes painful condition

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Tablets, Lisandro

For the treatment of bone doctor rheumatologist has appointed me Lisandro 35 is a tablet. Take them for the third year.

Ointment Dr. Mom

When the cream has just appeared in pharmacies many years ago, it was very effective. I bought recently and immediately

Cough syrup Clenbuterol disgusting

The doctor gave the child syrup clenbuterol (clenbuterol). I have heard a lot of good buys, and the price is very

Сироп Артериум " Инспирон "

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I saw this advertisement about the activated carbon and decided to find out what this coal differs from conventional


Sore throat, turned to Laura, I was prescribed pills Decathlon. Saw according to the recipe, but the improvements did

Piobakteriofag purified polyvalent solution for oral, topical and external use. FSUE "NPO" Microgen "

In the hospital my baby was infected with staphylococcus. Pediatrician appointed us as a treatment Piobakteriofag

Cream and tablets "Mastofit" from "Evalar" - the fight against mastopathy on the highest level!

Those women who are faced with mastopathy, know what kind of disease. Discomfort, pain, and even crying. Reliable means

Antibiotic Dioksidin of angina

A very good way to quickly cure a sore throat. Need dioxidine. It needs to drip into a glass of boiled hot water and

Repurchased during the summer, helped the syrup Inspiron

My 15 year old captain or from years of idleness or from the joy that summer in the city came repurchased. Apparently

Helps with jetlag

Early on Turkey not flown anywhere, so didn't notice the jet lag. And recently changed the place of work, have all over

"Pentalgon" will never leave my kit!

I would like to advise all this preparation, which just saved me! I had terrible burns on the face. Do not believe it:

effective medicine

Gel Bocklin has become my salvation. Two children fell ill followed each other. I bought a bottle of this tool on the

Pills "Egilok" from Egis, Hungary - help

How it worried me pain in my heart. When you contact a doctor - was made the diagnosis - vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Always take

I always Alferon take. Helps me. Quickly. And pleasant to the taste, and no smell, easily absorbed. Most importantly

Nasal drops Pinosol of Zentiva ease your breathing

On March 8, I just really hard and I had a bad cold, and to get rid of it I bought Pinosol. These nasal drops on the

Sublingual tablets Apilak Grindeks

Saw apilak Grindeks (or rather, put the tablet under the tongue three times a day) during pregnancy and was not sick.

The patch "Nicorette" Pharmacy and Upjohn AB, Sweden - help

long time smoker, and had long wanted to get rid of it. Friends recommended patch "Nicorette" I do not really

Effective cough

Wife fan products Tissa, houses quite a lot of money from this manufacturer, as they have almost all natural, and all

Gerbion can cure dry cough

My daughter, she is now almost ten years, recently there are often problems with health. When she was smaller, almost

Tablets "Strepcils" fast save his throat!

Another once upon a time a doctor advised me at the first sign of a cold and sore throat sucking tablets

Serrata - perfect for post-traumatic rehabilitation pills!

Serrata - a great way to speed up the recovery of muscle fiber and bone tissue after injuries. Thanks serratiopeptidase

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